Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fun at night. Shooting. Of the camera kind.

(I forgot that I had this post sitting in the drafts. )
I am having heaps of trouble loading up images into posts. I can't tell you how close I am to ordering a new big Mac! and not of the McDonalds type!

We did this weeks ago.
Earlier this year I did a photography course with Pete Longworth.
I learned a new trick.
I changed the settings on the camera!
and got out some little torches.

I shot at night and used the night mode!
No tripod, just balanced on a table.

It has a really long shutter speed.
Then things got a little crazy when I got out the alfoil.
and enlisted the help of a certain nine year old boy.
He and I ran around and around her shining the torch at her.

You can just make out our ghostly images.
We had a friend visiting who was a bit down in the dumps.
The Marathon Freak Show cheered him up no end.
I mean no end, he was in raptures of laughter.

Then we swapped cos the whinging for a turn was out of control.
We wrapped the little fella up.

and kept shooting.

And shooting.

and got the best shot of the night.

He looks like he is glowing.
Then we covered the end of the torch with a torn balloon.
Hello Love heart.

Then missy was trying to write her name???????
with a red Balloon

Initials??? not.

And then a feint purple heart.

Ending with a super green heart,
while the security light on the pool house went off as a dog walked by.


Does anyone else do any of this crazy stuff or is it just me??
Any thoughts on the Canon 5D mark111?
I saw a release from Canon that it had problems in night shooting and the LCD panel on.
I wonder if they have fixed it.

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