Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Picasa web upload in LR without resizing photos

The last three posts I have been testing publishing photos from my Lightroom catalogue to use in my blog- This I have found is best done via loading into google + photos = Picasa web albums. This one I have found  finally works the best for me!

Picasa web uploads without resizing the photos.
You can click on the photo and it loads up clearly in a new window quite a bit bigger.

Happiest!- I think!

LR bees- Picasa web upload

With this one I load to photos in Google plus or Picasa web albums and then log into the blog and then find and insert the photos.


after edit with LR presets

A lot more steps, but I think better quality photos.

Lightroom bees - using LR blog

I am loving Lightroom, and how I can load straight to this blog post, via the LR blog plug in, after selecting my photos. I think I am going to use this function or Picasa web upload (perhaps better!) so very much!


after, with Lightroom preset edits.

Only thing is that you can't expand on the photos at all! Still- I am Happy happy happy!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Snakes and cats

When I was gathering up my husband's dirty clothes, from the floor NEXT to the laundry basket in the bedroom the other day, I found this dreadful slithering thing under them. 
I thought at first it was a strange rubber band. 
But then realised and ran to get a knife to kill it. 
Instead I ended up with BBq tongs and an empty chook bucket.

It is a highly venomous curl snake or Myall snake.
Only a baby, about 15cm long. still deadly.
Many jokes were made about snakes and undies etc etc.

I am still more worried about the mother who gave birth to it alive!

Pussy cat is perhaps a bit too old at 14 and not many teeth to keep on top of the baby snakes these days. Still I would hate to lose him to a snake bite in the mouth.

He sleeps most of the day. Or watches TV!

Hhhhmn, Might have to look for a more lively fresh puddy tat!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Feeding dogs

I am really happy with how well all of the woofers around here are getting on.
I feed them all at once and the young ones seem to go from bowl to bowl sharing.
I like it this way.
I can't stand dogs being possessive about food.
We start with all the bowls spread in a line, but eventually they seem to group back up together.

All of my dogs have to be happy with me taking food out of their bowls, and their mouths for that matter.

They seem to be quite happy letting each other in to have a bit.

The big fella gets a bit unhappy with the little cairns sneaking in under him, But he lets them gently know. There isn't any snappiness, just a gentle mouth on their heads and a bit of a growl.

I've published these from Lightroom, after eventually loading all 30 thousand of my photos into it. 
Now to cull the useless ones out.
I've been doing some online courses on Lightroom and photoshop and I've joined facebook groups which focus on photoshop and lightroom. 
It has been a big learning curve, but I'm OK with learning new stuff.
I tell my students that all the time, that I am preparing them to be lifelong learners, it doesn't finish at school end.
I am really happy with the way it catalogues, and edits photos, and Publishes!

I have a new profile picture. Amazing how few people recognise me out and about! 
The hair colour change shocks me still when I see my reflection!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Black Swans

Last weekend my hubby said that he had seen Black swans in the swamp reserve right next to our place. After all this rain they are nesting.
Click on the photos for a larger view and to zoom in.

So off we went, daughter and I, cameras in hand.
Looking for Black swans.
I've never seen one in the wild!

we thought that we were only going to find some wood ducks.

Then I extended out my 70-300mm lens and scanned around.
Can you see them?
Daughter says that I must have snuck binoculars in my bag.

But I had them in my sights.
All sorts of people stopped on the road to see if we were ok.

We went on foot.
Daughter was much more game than I!!
I stood at the water's edge.
She got right in it.
going from stump to stump.

We followed them for about 100m.
We realised that husband was on our place on the other side of the trees.
This started moving the cattle wh were in the reserve and all sorts of other wildlife.
Pushing them towards where the swans were.

You can see some cattle and Kangaroos in the background here.

About 3000 Roos hopped by in front of us- it was unbelievable!

They just sat there spooking the swans.

Then they walked out of the water and 3 of them decided to fly away.
I hope they went back for the other poor guy.

I'm going back this afternoon to see if they came back.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dog day afternoon

A most unglamourous post today.
All set on my back verandah, which is absolutely dog ravaged at the moment. 
They are getting into anything and everything.

The day has been all about dogs.
I have been working with them all day, and a lot of yesterday for that matter.

No that isn't a poo, it's a nut from the palm trees that are now all bulldozed!)

I started off this morning with the big german shepherd and the baby cairns running together.
I have been very careful not to let the big fella run with them as he is only young and a big boisterous and heavy handed. 
I thought he was a bit too enthusiastic and keen on them.
I actually thought he might see them as something to kill and eat.
He has been so good with them. 
I had him sit with me on his choker chain and lead while I quietened him and let them run around him.

Then I let him loose with his collar and lead on so I could grab him if he was a bit rough.
The Cairn babies decided to take him for a walk.

All was good with only one yelp when he clipped one with his foot when chasing.
Then I took the pups inside and stripped out the baby hair on 2 of them.
Then vacuumed the family room, while they hid and had a little sleep.

Then we went back out onto the verandah where they all played- baby GSD(she's 3 days older than the Cairns, 10 month old GSD and babies!

The one that sooks the most and yelps and howls is the baby GSD. The Cairns have spent quite a bit of time with her and she should be used to them by now. But no, she sooks the most.

Then the red Cairn that we are keeping decided to get the tug of war rope and try to get a GSD to play with her. Yes I laughed, as if she had a chance!

Cheeky thing was teasing the big boy under his bed!!

Then they were completely worn out.

but after a short nap- they're back at it!
Now I'm locking up the pups and off to try to find some black swans spotted on a dam near here.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Where the pelicans nest.

I found these guys on a dam close to home the other day.
Nesting I suspect, but then I must have worried them and they flew away.

They'll be back.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with getting back into the swing of work these last 4 weeks.
Plus delivering puppies!!!
 They have flown all over the country- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.
We have a new German Shepherd Puppy from my brother(only 3 days older than the cairns), 

and an older Trained German Shepherd from the Guard dog training centre in Sydney. 
I think he may need a bit more of a touch up in the training! 
He's gone a bit feral since moving in here! 
But he certainly loves us. 
Last night we didn't get home until after dark and he literally cried and licked us all over with so much excitement that we were home. Real love.

Has anyone else been absolutely bombarded with spam comments on their blogs- I have had 10 today- with get this.... how to make your house safer in south africa- seriously!!
So I have had to change the commenting to google users only- I wasn't sure about the registered users choice. I shall see how that goes.
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