Who Am I?

I am Jodie.

I am a fortyx year old who wears many hats.


Mother of 3 very clever, full of character kids.
Wife of super busy livestock agent and farmer.
My father was a Stock and Station Agent, I've married one and I've probably given birth to some!!!!
Pet Owner.
Full Time Teacher Librarian and the list goes on.
My youngest son called me mummaducka when he was really little and it has stuck ever since.
We live a fairly busy life in Rural Australia, I don't think we could call ourselves outback or isolated-Who is anyway in this age of communication??
I feel like the Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit, always running late. I am always trying to fit in just a few more jobs like putting on another load of washing before I head out the door.
I love to cook and bake, and most people appreciate my style of food. I choose cakes made from scratch over packet cakes and can't quite 'get' the cupcakes attraction, which are too fiddly for my liking. However, give me a muffin or old fashioned jam and cream butterfly patty cake any day!
I like to contribute to fetes and fundraising for groups my kids are involved in with my baking.
I love to knit, crochet and sew as well, but I seem to just never have the time. I have a couple of knitting/crochet projects stored that I should really have a go at finishing.
 I used to spend an enormous amount of time in my garden, but have become so disheartened after so many years of drought and a helpful 'someone' continually using concentrated roundup that so many of my plants keeled over at the faintest whiff. Nowdays I am going for trees and tough plants and  which can cope with roundup ie bulbs. Plus I try to grow plenty of easy veggies in the summer months, though at the first sign of a snake in the veggie garden, I rarely go back in. Bugger the watering.
I am rarely seen without nailpolish and can't cope with a broken fingernail being shorter than the rest, I have to even them up. Why don't others do the same?
I am regularly sidetracked by instances of KAOS- Kids, Kcooking, Kcracking, Animals and Other Stuff.
Oh yeah, I hate having my photo taken, I much prefer to be behind the lens!


  1. Hello, I came across a comment you made on another blog about Ariat boots. I was wondering if you bought them off the Ariat site in America or did you find somewhere in Oz that sells them. Also did you buy the longer length or shorter ones. Thanks so much for answering.

    1. Hi anon, Thanks for dropping by. We bought lots of Ariat boots from the boot barn when we were in Las Vegas, but we have also bought many, many more pairs from Sheplers. But recently they stopped shipping them to Australia. I think you could get a mail forwarding address in the USA and have them sent here, we haven't tried that. Many rural retailers, like Assef's in Moree carry them but they are a fair bit more expensive than the USA prices. Beware of ones that seem very cheap here, there are a few fakes around. I have all sorts of styles but not the longer ones. Mine go to my calves, I really like the roper style for wearing, walking or working or all day long, they have a normal flat heel, not a cuban heel.

  2. Hi Jodie...this is a link to Ariat Dealer QUICKLINKS for Anon above: http://www.justcountry.com.au/JC_ariat_dealers.html

    I've only just stumbled onto your blog and am loving the feel of it! It's great to see the kids' achievements and determination, especially with whip-cracking. Looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. Cheers, H :)


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