Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Farm things

At the moment we are supplementing feed to our steers.
Cotton seed will help to fatten them before we finish them on oats.
Normally we don't need to do this, but we haven't had rain for a while and this is another alternative to many of the other supplements, like Anipro and other licks, we have used in the past.

But the tractor we use to scoop up the seed and put into the bins around the paddocks broke down.
Well dad trashed it!
50 tonnes of seed may have to be shovelled!
Off to town we went to buy 2 grain shovels. 
One for hubby and one for the daughter. Not me- it was mother's day!
Appendectamy boy is still recovering- I wouldn't allow him to shovel!
He just gave directions and told everyone what to do!!
The cattle still have this feed in this paddock to work through.

There's not much feed near the yards and watering points where they were hanging out.
These are much smaller little paddocks that the cattle come into to get a drink.

And that green tub had some cotton seed in it. They had eaten it all.
They love it.
There's 6 of these tubs spread around the traps.

The patient was given the job of driving the car and trailer.

A bit of a crunch.
He hit the post.

No real harm done.
Cos kids drive very steadily around here!
But there's some hurt pride.

So dad backed it up and drove it through.

These guys will enjoy their seed.

Until these and other oats are up and ready.
That will be late as we waited for rain before sowing.

Surprising to see these slithering guys now that the weather has cooled off a bit, but it had been 26 degrees the day before.

I have to say these are THE BEST curry mixes I have ever had.
I bought 3 last year at the Sydney show and have been extremely impressed.
At $20 each they are very cost effective for 400g. 
Plus I only use half the recommended amount due to the kid factor.
Well rather I double all the other ingredients as I rarely eat the carby Rice!
There was free shipping over $100 and they threw in a freebie chutney as well.

Get yourself some Mudgeeraba Spices and curry blends here.
You won't regret it!

This was the Thai Green chicken Curry.
I have quite a variety now, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian.

I took this shot a couple of weeks ago as I was leaving for work.
I like to lock the little ones in the yards when I am at work.
My Cairn Terriers prefer to sit up on top of the Kennels instead of inside them!

Perhaps it is an inferiority complex, or short dog syndrome!
Hhhmn they need a grooming session!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Appendectamy and other renovations

Our little fella had his appendix out last Monday.
I think it's called an appendectamy. One medico called it a appendasectamy.

I had been telling him to go to the toilet and fart.

He had complained of a "really bad gut ache" at 9.45 pm on Sunday night.
He'd made himself a little bed in front of the fireplace in the family room.
I slept on the couch with him until 3am, then I went to bed.
At 4.30 am he came in and said he was having trouble getting his breath and wanted to go to the hospital.
This kid always knows his health better than the rest of us.
So off we went. But not before dad made him drink a litre of water.
Which he then vomited up in the driveway on the way to the car.
So out dad comes with another litre of water.
Down the hatch on the way to town!

This picture was taken in the emergency department just after the initial diagnosis.
I was then in a state of shock.
Blood tests.
Surgeon consultation.
Anaesthetist consultation.

Canula for the drip.

hair nets and sleeve thingies.
Then off he went. We walked with him up to the doors of the theatre.
I heard him say he was a bit scared.
I reminded him that he had never been scared of anything before.

 I was more scared.

None of my children have ever had any operations.
I have never had an operation. I've never been anaesthetised.
I didn't even have any epidurals having my kiddos. 

I focused on this sign and how it could ever be hung like that!

Theatre is spelt theatre in Australia.
It took about 2 hours until he was back in the ward.

Afterwards he was a bit bleary eyed.
His pain was pretty strong.
He was very brave.
He charmed all the doctors and nurses in theatre.
He tells everyone how he counted back from 10, got to seven and fell asleep then as he was waking up he remembered to keep counting and continued the countdown.
They all asked him why he was counting in recovery, he didn't realise it was over.

I bought camera apps, and played.

Every challenge they gave him, he tackled.
Aunty told him to hold a towel over his stitches.
He got more mobile.

And determined to get home.

Even though there seemed to be 24 hour cleaning and mopping going on, his feet got a bit grotty.
But he just couldn't shuffle along in shoes.

 I played with Hipstamatic in the middle of the night.
It's a pretty groovy App.
There was no one else in the kid's ward from the 2nd and 3rd night.
When we left I said that was the way it should always be- no sick kids, ever.

This was the morning we were leaving.
I was very glad to see the end of that fold out bed.
Things are so good at our hospital.
I was able to sleep right next to him and make sure he was all good. 
He was never alone. We were with him all the time.
I feel very lucky that I have such good entitlements and plenty of leave so that I can take care of him both in the hospital and for the 2 weeks he now needs off to recover.

I was so pleased to see the back of that fold out sofa bed.

On my last day of work before little mate's illness I did this.

I turned on the dishwasher after morning tea and closed the door behind me.
It must have been faulty and just kept overflowing and overflowing.
It was 2 hours before anyone noticed.
I fessed up straight away.
I went and had a look.
There was an amazing amount of water.
The water was running down the outside walls of the building.

Everything is going to be replaced, the carpet and the kitchenette.
And the dishwasher!

I've been forgiven.
I was never really in any trouble.
But wow I felt bad.

They call me the wrecker.
Anyone need any renovating? 

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