Sunday, 30 September 2012

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"Ta ta #deniutemuster2012 I will not miss your dust and I think I will have constant little reminders in my gear for a few years. #whipcracking"

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

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"Yay kiddos! 1st and second in the Juvenile section at the RM Williams and AWPA NSW whipcracking titles at the #deniutemuster2012 "

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

What Busy bees we are at the moment!!

I am desperately trying to get things all sprayed for aphids, plants dug up and divided and all new things planted and all set for summer around here.
I've spent heaps on sugar cane mulch and new fruit trees, but I think they look great.

I have planted more citrus trees to thicken a hedge and screen another shipping container and the moved old one- which needs a jolly good clean out!
We have another house to clear out and rearrange/swap/shuffle furniture in our house with. The container was bought before this though- for farm things. Plans have changed.

I'm trying to get all the plants in the ground before the weather gets away from us.
We've had 29 degree Celcius days last week.
And we are packing.
 And Training and practising big time! 
Some State whipcracking title events are on soon.
But that is the kiddos dept- I just organise them.

Red Pierre De Ronsard, on my chookyard fence so a bit ratty and pecked over.
I'm doing the veggie garden today so the chookies will be locked away from them now.

Not quite on focus!
Pink Pierrre de Ronsard bud the other day.

In full bloom today.

Mary Rose bud.

Now in full bloom, I have 12 standards of these along the side of the house where the driveway is and they are just beautiful, they welcome us home each day.

The Ladybirds are constantly at the piggy backing business.

The garden is starting to come into bloom, the buds are now all opening up.
The Bee activity is amazing!

We don't often get these native bees here.
The Europeans must scare them off I think.

They get inside these roses and just roll around in them.

We've had a suprise bird in the garden.
a very Migratory Cuckoo. A stormbird.
There were 2 and they made very peculiar sounds.
I think they've been helping themselves to my mulberries.
Hence the red on the beak.

The Hair is almost grown out. I had a haircut yesterday and there is not much colour left.
 We reckon by Feb it will all be gone and I can start to grow it a bit longer.
I really don't like this short hair business!

Don't you hate it when you order a large Sundae for your kids from McDonalds and there's only a small quantity in the container. Last time I actually gave it back and asked them to fill it up -I had ordered a Large! It makes me really cross! Daughter's one was hollow all the way to the bottom.

Hubby asked when we are going to finish the table- It's only got it's hardened tung oil to go on!
This afternoon!
I hope you are not as busy flat out as me!
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Macro Lens

I bought a good Macro Lens last week for my camera.
I tossed over the Wide angle due to the time of year and the fact that the garden is springing to life.
But it's next on the hit list.
After yesterday's bee post I am trying to research what the pollen on the legs is used for- other than pollinating other flowers, so far one source has said that they feed it to the larvae- any bee keepers out there know?
I might have to ask our friend who keeps bees- he will know.
I am learning heaps but it's good fun.
I need a good guide to Macro Photography.
Enjoy some of my first shots!
Warning- Heavy, heavy flower load!

Do you think they are being naughty Ladybirds?


If you enlarge this one you can actually see me, the camera and my messy bookshelf in his eye.

Pierre De Ronsard and complimentary aphids

Unknown bush

Snow pear blossom

Peacharine blossom
baby Nectarine
Fig shooting


rosemary flowers
White Iris

David Austin's Mary Rose

pink thrift

Apricot blossoms

Quince tree shoots

Cheeky kiddo

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