Saturday, 28 July 2012

The new Canon

I have an awful lot to learn.
Which is all good!
I bought myself a new camera when I went to Sydney a month ago.
But hahahaha I am still taking most photos on the Iphone (as most of these are in this post).
But the big gun comes out at 'events'
a Canon 5D mark 3.
I know, have experience with, and like the brand.
The salesman and owner of the shop was also a big fan of the Canon.
owning the 5D mk 2 himself.

It is fantastic,
takes remarkable photos.
At the moment I feel like I have bought a better car to try to make myself a better driver.
As well as the kit lens, I also splurged on a 50mm f1.4 and another 70-300mm professional grey lenses.
and a wizz bang flash.
I've also probably overdone it with a few new bags.
One Lowepro bag carries absolutely everything.

Another Lowepro bag which just fits the camera and its attached lens.
And another which hasn't arrived yet from 3 Annies is more like a handbag.
I'll show you when it comes.

 the absolute best new invention I have found in ages is an eye fi card. It's an SD card, as my camera has both CF and SD I have both in it and this card does a lot of hard work for me. It transfers your photos, Via it's own direct wi fi or another existing wi fi, Straight from your camera to phone or Ipad or computer. I have alternated between Ipad and Phone and let photostream load them onto the computer. I love this thing and constantly rely on it, plus it makes it pretty darn easy to instagram those photos!
 It also works in my G12.
If you have an SD card camera, do yourself a huge favour and get one of these!

I have bought a couple of Ebooks specific to this camera and I am investigating some more online stuff.
I don't want to earn a living from photography, I just want to take some nice photos.
It is a very different machine to the 4 year old 400D.
I have had some photos from a few weeks ago at a campdraft published on the sport's page of the paper in the local paper.

It was a fun day and I took mostly photos of our friend Sal.
The photos of other people were from test shots! hahahaha

Earlier this year I had some photos of spiders and their webs after the floods published in The Land paper.
I think they were published more for their content rather than any 'artistic' flavour.


In other exciting news we have a new toy in the shed!
a Can-Am.
 The boys and one girl are so excited, me, um... not so much, though I did give it a good work over when it was delivered.
It seems to be quite the business for checking out things in the mud!
It spends quite a bit of time under a hose when it returns to base!

We were quite excited about the brand we spotted this going through the woolies carpark. We had to take a photo of it for the little fella who is a bit obsessed!

Then daughter and I laughed ourselves silly when we worked out it was our friend and neighbour's unit and we could take photos of it anytime.

Nature is giving us some stunning shots lately.
Mother nature seems to be confused as to what season it is.
WE don't ever seem to get thunderstorms in winter!

Plus the Mulberries are sprouting.


This weekend, in the midst of Olympic fever, and if the weather holds up, I plan to redo this family room table, paint the chairs and base and restain and finish the top. I have been putting it off for 6 months now! all sorts of things seem to crop up, but mostly the weather is the hinderance.

If your clothes wouldn't dry on the line- don't paint!
Isn't that the rule?

Wish me luck!

Am also pricing a new computer, Imac or the new macbook pro- any hints????


  1. am very envious, I having been eying off the 600 or 650d, which is obviously FAR inferior! but seeing as I have just booked the builder man to come and build a wardrobe, I don't think a new camera will come along (There Is Nothing Wrong with The Old One, says The Husband!)

    can't wait to see the table finished, I have toyed with paiting the base too, lord knows the top needs a bit of love as well.

    1. I think the camera is far superior to my skills Sharon! I saved for a long while and had put off the purchase a few months ago, but I am really happy I have it now.

      I can't wait to get this table finished, I will be looking to do the top with a light 'walnutty' /greyish finish. But again the weather threatens!

  2. Oooh! I am SO jealous of your new camera! Not really jealous because I am so happy for maybe envious is a better word.

    I have a Canon rebel xsi - it's about 4 years old. I like it but I feel like I am ready for something a little better.

    As far as computers go, my husband and I are very happy with our 15 " MacBook Pros.

    Have a lovely weekend watching the Olympics!
    xo, A

    1. Adrienne the camera is a beauty! But it is really heavy and I think twice the size of my old one! I felt the same, that I needed something a bit faster and with more oomph, especially to capture the whipcrackers and that split second where they crack on something- usually the cutting of a foam cup!
      Hubby keeps trying to convince me to get the Imac, ( he has the big one) but I like the mobility of a macbook pro. Daughter has the 13", but I would go for the 15" I loved the speed of it last night when I did a draft on hers and loaded some photos, which I didn't use anyway.
      I loved the bit in the opening ceremony with the Queen! just loved it!


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