Thursday, 20 February 2014

I feel the need to share!

I feel the need to share.
It's no secret that a huge part of Australia is in drought conditions.
We too have been having a fairly huge lack of rainfall around here! But we have been far more fortunate than others and we had a bit a few weeks ago and then another inch and a half today! 

A few weeks ago I found this lovely out the front of my house on the main road, so I popped her in our paddock and waited for her owners to come and get her.
The green pick on the ground is just where the septic hose runs out in the paddock.
It was that day I thought I should start watering the paddock, so I spent a small fortune on sprinklers and hoses and fittings so that I could get it going.

It's nice and green now as I have been madly watering since early January. In order to prepare for an influx of these little suckers.

These guys were bought from the sale yards and had a really tough time in the drought. 
Husband was hinting at bringing home a hundred of our own if the cows got too poor and stopped producing milk.
Thankfully that hasn't happened, they have struggled on with the supplements we have been giving them and the dry grass that was still in the paddock.
Luckily we haven't lost a cow or calf.

Daughter has now gone off to boarding school and this little boy needed some new brothers and sisters! So poddy calves it is!

They spent a few weeks in a small pen as they were very poor and weak when we got them.
Their digestion was shot and we poured a dozen or more sachets of vitrate into them.

Then we had a friend find us this Profelac gold. It should have gold flakes in it for the price! 
It's been fantastic and got these 2 going and a couple of others we've had for a week. It has been so worth it, as the 2 new calves have had no problems and are thriving on it.

That's my Christmas present in the background. 
A new netting and electric fence that keeps my doggies in!! 
I also have an electric gate out the front. 
Lazy things we are!

This was the first calf purchased. 
There were hints that Henry could bottle feed him. we tried to pat him and he bucked and bellowed, NO he was indeed a grass eater from the start!!!
We currently have a stocking rate of seven, with only 2 on bottles.

We saved a lot of cash in the last half of 2013.
Henry thought he would do a shave for cancer fundraiser, but all that hair became too annoying for him. 
The last haircut I had was way back in July!!!!
There are serious financial benefits in not colouring one's hair!!

Someone got his mug on the front page of The Land

Then dad was on page 3!!

When we dropped daughter off at boarding school these took my eye.
I must source these red/pink gums They are so gorgeous with fabulous big nuts.

This creeping spiky thing is up to it's flamboyant tricks.
Quite the stunner!

In preparation for the big wet a bit of protective investment was undertaken!!

Thank goodness it paid off!


  1. Well done on the snaps in The Land.
    It's lovely getting a catch-up on what you've been up to.
    Those calves are very sweet.

    1. The calves are gorgeous. The new 2 are so tiny and super cute. I have been so very slack on the blogging front!! Xx

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. Have you received some of this recent rain?
    And how is your girl settling into school? Is this her first year away?

    1. Hi Fiona, Yes thank god we got some rain, 44mm yesterday and today, this comes on top of 168points a few weeks ago, so we are pretty happy! It's Georgia's first year away and she is settling in amazingly well! she said the first couple of days were a bit hard, but it got better. she is so busy and is a diligent worker, so she'll be fine. We actually went up the second weekend and got her out on leave for the QLD whipcracking titles so she had something to look forward to. They're both coming home this weekend rather than us going up there. Perhaps I can get them to straighten up their rooms that they left in a huge mess. Hahahaha!

  3. Hi Jodie - where did you get those bottles from? they look very similar to one I have and the lid is duct taped together, and I am desperate to get a new lid or whole new set up as the are the BEST calf feeding bottles!

    rain = awesome. Finally rained here.

    1. Oh Sharon, they are from our shop. One is really old from a few years ago and the other only a few weeks old. I saw them in an ebay shop the other day when I was looking for some cowbells! It was called farm supplies I think, they were only about 7 dollars. I'll see if we have any more at the office tomorrow.

    2. ooh I'll have a sticky on ebay, long way from your shop to up here !


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