Saturday, 7 April 2012

2012 Australian Whipcracking titles

We had a big day yesterday.
All the hard work practicing and maintaining whips paid off.
Our daughter retained her
Juvenile Australian Whipcracking Title.

Her little brother is now in the same age grouping and so is competing against kids who could be almost 4 years older and stronger than he is. He placed 4th in the Juveniles.

Our eldest son bravely competed in an extremely tough field of Juniors.

Well done kids!
I'm so proud of the way they will sit the whole day, not want to go off in the show ground and are really happy to catch up and talk with the other competitors who have come from all over the country.

They are always keen to talk about the history of the sport with the older, over 45 whipcrackers.
I'm so pleased they are keen to learn as much as they can.
And of course they are obsessed with checking out and drooling over everyone else's whips. There are some magnificent, finely crafted whips out there.
I have no technical knowledge in Whipcracking.
The only input I have is the ironing of the clothes.
And the gathering of all the gear and packing.

And organizing accommodation
And feeding us
And getting them there on time.
-Well, their dad is so much better at that than I am!
I'm always late.

I shouldn't be with this being the arm party yesterday-
Plus we had some fancy boot watching on my behalf

They did a couple of media bits, you may have seen them on the channel seven and nine news.

Good day all round!
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Xoxo j


  1. Well done kids! My 3 and 6 year old are just starting to get into whipcracking as their dad loves it and grew up 'cracking'. Im like you, just behind the scenes which these days mean working my butt off to try and get a property so I have a happy husband!!

  2. Good stuff Jodie and kids -- dad too.

  3. well done to your children...

    I find this really "interesting" being a "city slicker" so to speak...

    I would never have known this kind of comp went on in the bush...
    of course it receives NO publicity here in Melbourne...

    (both my boys now adults just did the usual etc)...

    so this is kind of like a BIG other our own country!!~

    thanks for sharing...x andrea

    1. I didn't know it existed either until we got into it a couple of years ago. We were at the Melbourne show last October!! Missy won her age group there and so did the little fella.

      The publicity is almost non existant, that's why we jump at it when it is offered, The Syney RAS have been fabulous the last couple of years, supporting the event and getting the kids on TV.

      I had a 'thing' until we started this whipcracking gig of no weekend sports- do whatever during the week, but not weekends as dad works really long hours during the week. Hahahaha, now we travel around cracking whips, but it certainly isn't weekly!


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