Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fame and 'The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be!'

Yesterday we had a nice brush with fame, we participated at a fundraiser here in town to help the Salvation Army raise funds to help support people after the major flooding in February.

We had an area for Whipcracking. We positioned ourselves right in the middle of the oval. All afternoon there was a constant stream of kids and adults trying their hand at Whipcracking.
I had a few nice surprises from the children that I teach, some are quite good!

I am so sore today after all of the crouching, kneeling, lungeing and of course the upper arm workout from the actual cracking. I guess it helps with the weight loss regime(10 kgs/22 pounds lost since January!)

Then towards the end of the evening some stars from a very popular TV show had a lesson from the kids. The poor girl was terrified! Probably as she didn't have any sleeves on.

The boys were quietly confident.
All three got the whips to crack in the end, so success!
It was very good of them to come and support our community.


2 weeks ago, straight after my colour job, I decided that I am going to go my natural colour!
And grow this highly processed, thinning at the crown, chestnutty colour out.
The kinks are from it being tied in a bun of sorts at the back of my neck all day!
Mostly it just has a nice wave.
I'm always telling the hairdresser to turn the old grey mare into a chestnut or bay filly!
But its the other way now!
Except I don't want to have anymore bleach or dye on my hair to transition to grey, for a while.
So I am now sporting a shoulder length, straight across the bottom, non layered bob.

So to assist in this transition to grey, I have been sourcing some hats and berets, mostly from eBay.
So cheap!
Helen Kaminski has some great woollen styles.
I am quite comfortable in a hat, so through winter, grey hair growth will be a breeze.
I wore the grey one yesterday and did not feel the need to take it off at all.

I've knitted 3 hats/ beanies/ caps as well this last week to add to the supply.
I may get sick of the grey hair, but am hoping that stopping the coloring will help with my fine hair breaking off and/or falling out. I have also changed shampoos to redken intra force which apparently helps eliminate the build up of calcium in the scalp causing the follicles to push the hairs out, and also, grow thin weak hairs, highly likely in my case as I have bore water with a high mineral content. People travel from all over the world to bathe in the mineral waters here. So I'm also doing a final rinse with distilled water. It is so soft already!
I also have an appointment with the doctor to have my thyroid and bloods tested.
I believe, surely, I have all the bases covered!

Perhaps I will grow hair like Sarah Harris from UK vogue, but more likely it will be like Lauren Ezersky all wirey and scary.


We had a visitor the other night.

He was sitting on the Whipcracking accuracy stand right outside the window. It's not to be confused with an owl, its a shy Tawny Frogmouth or mopoke.

I love them, they catch mice and probably snakes too at night time. I'm pretty sure that we have a whole family of them here at our house.

And then these guys are taking over the place like the Adams family live here

Morticia Adams has left the house!


  1. Most of the grey-haired ladies I know are exceptionally stylish, though I don't feel I'm quite ready for the change-over yet. Of course the worst will be the growing-out of colour, but you seem to have that covered with your hat collection (boom boom). Congratulations on the weight loss, that's a super effort!

    1. yes it's all a bit scary, I have a lot of grey! At this stage, I'd rather be grey than bald! I'm Very, Very happy with the weight business, I've probably still got another 15kg at least to go. Hats ARE the business!

  2. Good for you Jodie! On reverting back to grey. I am trying very hard to gather the courage to do the same. Being in my early thirties I'm having a bit of trouble with the courage. Your story has helped! Please keep reporting, even if only in words... I can totally understand the hats and am glad of the tip... maybe I should wait til next winter;-)

    1. Oh Emma, I don't think there is any good time really! I know it will take me 12 months of two toned hair that I feel looks terrible, but it is 6 months now and it certainly doesn't look as thin. I think by next Feb all the coloured bits will be cut away and I will be all Au naturelle. If I was to do it again I would probably go very very light first and then grow it out, foils or streaks would do the trick.


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