Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Appendectamy and other renovations

Our little fella had his appendix out last Monday.
I think it's called an appendectamy. One medico called it a appendasectamy.

I had been telling him to go to the toilet and fart.

He had complained of a "really bad gut ache" at 9.45 pm on Sunday night.
He'd made himself a little bed in front of the fireplace in the family room.
I slept on the couch with him until 3am, then I went to bed.
At 4.30 am he came in and said he was having trouble getting his breath and wanted to go to the hospital.
This kid always knows his health better than the rest of us.
So off we went. But not before dad made him drink a litre of water.
Which he then vomited up in the driveway on the way to the car.
So out dad comes with another litre of water.
Down the hatch on the way to town!

This picture was taken in the emergency department just after the initial diagnosis.
I was then in a state of shock.
Blood tests.
Surgeon consultation.
Anaesthetist consultation.

Canula for the drip.

hair nets and sleeve thingies.
Then off he went. We walked with him up to the doors of the theatre.
I heard him say he was a bit scared.
I reminded him that he had never been scared of anything before.

 I was more scared.

None of my children have ever had any operations.
I have never had an operation. I've never been anaesthetised.
I didn't even have any epidurals having my kiddos. 

I focused on this sign and how it could ever be hung like that!

Theatre is spelt theatre in Australia.
It took about 2 hours until he was back in the ward.

Afterwards he was a bit bleary eyed.
His pain was pretty strong.
He was very brave.
He charmed all the doctors and nurses in theatre.
He tells everyone how he counted back from 10, got to seven and fell asleep then as he was waking up he remembered to keep counting and continued the countdown.
They all asked him why he was counting in recovery, he didn't realise it was over.

I bought camera apps, and played.

Every challenge they gave him, he tackled.
Aunty told him to hold a towel over his stitches.
He got more mobile.

And determined to get home.

Even though there seemed to be 24 hour cleaning and mopping going on, his feet got a bit grotty.
But he just couldn't shuffle along in shoes.

 I played with Hipstamatic in the middle of the night.
It's a pretty groovy App.
There was no one else in the kid's ward from the 2nd and 3rd night.
When we left I said that was the way it should always be- no sick kids, ever.

This was the morning we were leaving.
I was very glad to see the end of that fold out bed.
Things are so good at our hospital.
I was able to sleep right next to him and make sure he was all good. 
He was never alone. We were with him all the time.
I feel very lucky that I have such good entitlements and plenty of leave so that I can take care of him both in the hospital and for the 2 weeks he now needs off to recover.

I was so pleased to see the back of that fold out sofa bed.

On my last day of work before little mate's illness I did this.

I turned on the dishwasher after morning tea and closed the door behind me.
It must have been faulty and just kept overflowing and overflowing.
It was 2 hours before anyone noticed.
I fessed up straight away.
I went and had a look.
There was an amazing amount of water.
The water was running down the outside walls of the building.

Everything is going to be replaced, the carpet and the kitchenette.
And the dishwasher!

I've been forgiven.
I was never really in any trouble.
But wow I felt bad.

They call me the wrecker.
Anyone need any renovating? 


  1. oh my, Glad he is on the mend. poor little bloke.

    1. He doing great now, almost at the driving me nuts stage! Thanks Sharon.

  2. Wow! What a crazy two days you all had. Your son looks like a very brave boy...so good that he knew to alert you in the middle of the night like that. Things can take a turn for the worst when appendicitis is not treated right away.

    I had an appendectomy several years ago while on vacation in Las Vegas, of all places. I flew home 36 hours after surgery. I could not wait to get into my own bed. Has your son had discomfort with the gas they put into your abdomen to expand it? That was the worst part for me...such pain in my upper body as the gas rose. You must walk it off.

    It doesn't sound like the dishwasher was your fault at all! But I do know that feeling of responsibility - like you "should" have known something was wrong. But how could you have known?

    Let's hope for calmer days ahead for you all!
    xo, A

    1. Yes Calmer days for sure! He hasn't said anything about the gas pain, I bet that's what that little mark away from the scar was- where they put the gas in. He has a very long scar to deal with, no keyhole here! Hence almost 3 weeks off,so he can't be knocked around by other kids. I'm so glad we didn't dilly dally, the first doctor told me there is a current line of thought to wait and see if it resolves itself, I wasn't willing to take any risks, living where we do-ie not in a big centre. 3 doctors told me that they should come out-time to listen! The surgeon said they were quite inflamed, so lucky we acted quickly. He's doing so well getting better.

  3. Good to hear he is doing better and you can be with him, my hubby loves working for himself but I love the safe little entitlements a good secure job offers, it's such a relief to have it. Burst out laughing at the fart bit......I tell my kiddos that often, will now know what to do if they demand a trip to the hospital, take them asap! Emma

  4. Oh gosh - well documented, but feeling for the little man. No op is fun for patient or parent!!! :-) BB

    1. He was so brave and cheerful, which it made it so much easier for us!


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