Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Farm things

At the moment we are supplementing feed to our steers.
Cotton seed will help to fatten them before we finish them on oats.
Normally we don't need to do this, but we haven't had rain for a while and this is another alternative to many of the other supplements, like Anipro and other licks, we have used in the past.

But the tractor we use to scoop up the seed and put into the bins around the paddocks broke down.
Well dad trashed it!
50 tonnes of seed may have to be shovelled!
Off to town we went to buy 2 grain shovels. 
One for hubby and one for the daughter. Not me- it was mother's day!
Appendectamy boy is still recovering- I wouldn't allow him to shovel!
He just gave directions and told everyone what to do!!
The cattle still have this feed in this paddock to work through.

There's not much feed near the yards and watering points where they were hanging out.
These are much smaller little paddocks that the cattle come into to get a drink.

And that green tub had some cotton seed in it. They had eaten it all.
They love it.
There's 6 of these tubs spread around the traps.

The patient was given the job of driving the car and trailer.

A bit of a crunch.
He hit the post.

No real harm done.
Cos kids drive very steadily around here!
But there's some hurt pride.

So dad backed it up and drove it through.

These guys will enjoy their seed.

Until these and other oats are up and ready.
That will be late as we waited for rain before sowing.

Surprising to see these slithering guys now that the weather has cooled off a bit, but it had been 26 degrees the day before.

I have to say these are THE BEST curry mixes I have ever had.
I bought 3 last year at the Sydney show and have been extremely impressed.
At $20 each they are very cost effective for 400g. 
Plus I only use half the recommended amount due to the kid factor.
Well rather I double all the other ingredients as I rarely eat the carby Rice!
There was free shipping over $100 and they threw in a freebie chutney as well.

Get yourself some Mudgeeraba Spices and curry blends here.
You won't regret it!

This was the Thai Green chicken Curry.
I have quite a variety now, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian.

I took this shot a couple of weeks ago as I was leaving for work.
I like to lock the little ones in the yards when I am at work.
My Cairn Terriers prefer to sit up on top of the Kennels instead of inside them!

Perhaps it is an inferiority complex, or short dog syndrome!
Hhhmn they need a grooming session!


  1. Just love the look of your curries, I've a lamb stew on the go at the moment, cooling temperatures inspiring a little slow-cooking.
    Can imagine how your little man's pride may have been dented ... at least he's having a go!

    1. I can't tell you how fast his sister was on the phone to laugh and tell me that he had done it! Dad smoothed it all over and said he'd only just tapped it. It is one huuuge trailer and it would be pretty hard through that gate as he would have been turning into it! He's always at the ready to drive! He has badly pranged one old ute turning between the wrong 2 and into a tree here at the house, and tried to convince us that the bent bullbar so the bonnet couldn't be raised, smashed headlight and grill had been like it for a while.

  2. Hi Jodie,
    Saw your comment on Sugarless Flourless etc and just so you know these noodles are available here in Australia at Safeway stores but they are called 'SlimPasta' and I found them in the health food section here in Shepparton. I haven't used them as yet though - I think that they are probably more suited to an asiany noodley sort of dish.
    Cindy Finch

    1. Wow, thank you Cindy, I only have coles and woolies here, but will have a good look and also when we travel away. Cheers J

  3. Oh dear, those curry bases look awesome - Thanks Jodie


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