Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A huge caterpillar in the garden.

Husband has bought a new Tonka toy.
It's old but incredibly useful for the light jobs we have around here.
We traded an old John Deere on it.
Husband is under strict instructions to replace it with a Kubota.
We found over the last week that the cat does a great job of moving gravel into the holes in the driveway.
Husband and son were covered in Hydraulic oil when they serviced it on Saturday.
I though t that maybe their clothes might need to be burned-
Luckily I have some pretty top washing machines to clean them all up.

Delivery day.
On the day it arrived, we wouldn't let our delivery friend leave until he had shown husband how to drive it!
The little fella is getting really good at driving it. 
Yesterday he pushed over a little tree that was in his way.
Today he lifted a solar panel into position atop a steel post.
Precision at its best.

It was most definitely turned off at this point. Big machinery terrifies me!

And then he demonstrated how a caterpillar farts.

Husband says he wished he had a toy like this when he was a little boy.
Perhaps a dream come true??


  1. Plenty of fun ahead to be had with this new toy.
    I bet there's a long list of all the jobs to use it for.

    1. A new back fence is first on the List for January All the neighbours horses keep coming in to our paddock- If they touch my garden beds, I will be very cranky. But I am most worried about our dogs chasing them into a barbed wire fence or just getting into the habit of chasing horses. Husband's Grandfather was killed that way!- The Cat can just roll along scraping out all the posts and bushes growing on the fence line!

  2. My husband would have a blast on that thing! How fun...and useful for you all.

    And since you brought up washing machines, I thought I would ask what brand you have. We are in the market for a new set.

    1. Hi Adrienne, yes the boys absolutely adore it and are having loads of fun! I have 2 LG Front loader Steam washer dryer combos. They take 10Kg in the wash and 6Kg for a dry cycle- which I have never weighed! They have just always handled whatever I have put in them. They are mind blowingly fantastic. Unfortunately the really big ones have been discontinued here in Australia. I had to call the repairman as one wasn't pumping out (just a rubber band) and he said wow this is huge I have never seen one of these before. I know that there are quite a few in the district so I take that as a great thing that they don't frequently need repairing! Mine are over 5 years old and only one has seen a minor repair, which was my user error!!! Mine go non stop too I put sheets on in the morning and come home to them dry and ready to go back on the bed! Albeit a little wrinkly, but ever so convenient. same with towels and all the kids uniforms- they wash over night. They use a lot more water in the condenser dryer cycle than even the wash cycle, but our power bill is huge anyway and as we pump all our water from the bore the water usage just makes for a bigger electricity bill ( in town they get separate bills) I was helping a friend research machines the other day and I saw that Samsung also make a very similar machine. I cannot speak highly enough of my LG ones and would instantly replace with the same!!! Good luck machine searching!


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