Saturday, 24 November 2012

Glory Garden

Our Garden has been absolutely glorious this year.
It may have something to do with all the mulch, water, fertilizer and time I have been covering it with. It isn't this good every year. Most years I am unenthusiastic and completely disheartened by recurring deaths. I banned husband from round upping, only under strict supervision is he allowed.

I've got a new mac app- PicFrame. I love it on the phone and now the macbook too.

See those railway sleepers? They are GONE I tell you!
I am completely over their rough and rustic look. We are working our way around the garden, stacking and burning them. Quite a few have been eaten out by termites. Another reason to do away with them.

The driveway needs a truckload of new pebbles. I was meant to go and check them out at the landscaping place this past week, but once again, time got away from me.

These Mary roses are very nice, but nothing like the White Icebergs that were there before them. I feel the need for a change up next winter, back to the icebergs I'm going to go. I think that right up the driveway needs to be a spectacular display which Icebergs do! I'll find somewhere else for these guys to be transplanted to.

This new bed is still going strong. The Hippeastrums have almost all finished flowering and now the agapanthus are about to show off.

The Pierre De Ronsards on the back verandah are trying their best to give a great display. At the end of last summer they got some sort of fungus and lost all their leaves and just looked very poorly.

I changed up the rose garden and put some fruit trees in there. Apricots, nectarines, Quinces and Peacharines. Not my usual thing to do, but I couldn't resist the heavily discounted fruit trees at the nursery.

My visitors (and kids) always laugh at me, wherever I go- 6 dogs are usually following or near me!

What is this?? He was on a rose bush.

Nice photo of a shipping container here on the other side of the chookyard, beyond the veggie garden.
It's now ready for the excess furniture and 'stuff' from my in law's house.
I need to remove quite a few pieces from our house so that some more useful pieces can fit in here. I am a bit dubious about what is coming in and I've decided that any upholstered furniture is being recovered before it comes in.
I'm now on a timeline for after Christmas, as we have promised the house in town to a family who had a disaster happen to their home and their little boy a few weeks ago.

Can anyone tell me how I know when beetroot is ready to harvest?

I'm already enjoying the fruits of the labour in the veggie garden. Today I cut my first zucchini. YUM! All I can think of is that shortly there will be so many that I will be making chocolate and zucchini cakes, zucchini fritters and all things zucchini. If I do as they recommend and harvest them as the flowers begin to dry up on the ends then they shouldn't get too out of control, and stay tiny and tender.

Not quite enough for self sufficiency, but still pretty good to enjoy. These 35 degree celcius days have me watering the veggies for a fair bit longer in the morning so they don't wilt in the day.

In the last 2 days I have put the rest of the garden and lawn under a little flood (not too much so the hot sun heating the water cooks the lawn!) so that it continues to thrive and some new cracks close up.

I'm off down here to help with some solar panel lifting- and Yabby trap checking I imagine!!!!

So how's your garden going? Are you into it this year?


  1. I love this time of the year in the garden too.
    Your garden is impressive and all your work sure is paying off. Lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Zara, I am really happy and in love with it this year. 😍 It is paying off!

  2. Your garden looks great and I love Yabbies!!!

    1. Thanks Anne, We love yabbies too. I'd love to get some more into the dams. I'm thinking I may have to buy in some baby ones.😏

  3. So lush and colorful! I find your property so relaxing to look at. One of these days, I am going to come to Australia's too beautiful not to!

    1. Oh Adrienne, That is a real compliment from you as I know how lovely your garden is. Mine has ir's moments, when its good its very good and when its bad its dreadful! I am trying hard to spend more time out in it enjoying rather than maintaining and working hard all the time. First thing in the morning when I am out setting water for the day and watering my veggies is really magic and then also my real pleasure time in it is at dusk when the wind dies down and all is quiet and still.
      Yes you must come! Our climate here is very similar to California- there are mild places- Sydney is just like LA even Melbourne I think is just like San Fran and also diverse cold like your Yosemite. We found it so very much the same. Our high heat here though is a bit higher than you would be used to!


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