Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Home Photography

Last week my daughter and I did a 2 day photography workshop with photographer Pete Longworth.
I gave her the workshop as a Christmas present after she announced to me a couple of months ago that she wanted to be a photographer. She is very artistic and has a great eye for detail.
We went on Monday night and found out what our project for the week was to be.
Home was the theme. 
Then we were to take some photos over the next 5 days and apply some of the rules of composition and exposure that Pete had run through. His mantra for photography is Light, Subject and Composition. I repeat this in my mind quite often.
We returned on Saturday with our photos for him to help us decide which ones to use in a little slide show. Here are some of mine: For the life of me I Can't remember the exact order.
These are some of the things that make up my home. I didn't include photographs of my husband and children, which of course are the centre of my home, as my daughter had a few images of them to choose from and I didn't want to double up. But these are some other things that make up my home.


The Cairn Terrier team!

A special climbing cactusy plant's flower in the garden that my husband gave me years ago -it only flowers for one day once a year!

Mary Rose, of which I have quite a few!

Pink Butterfly bush

The house of many cowboy boots! - there are many more inside the door too!

My favourite cowboy boots, not the most comfortable, but I just love the texture.

These were my mum's and have been in my homes with her and this home.

Beautiful puss!

Googies -Plus the chooks that go with them!
The Staub pot that usually has something brewing in it at least twice a week.

And here are a few others that I want to share here

I wanted to have that big nose effect, but now realise that I needed a fish eye lens (which I don't have as it makes me feel ill) rather than my wide angle.


Check out those eyes!
I loved the exercise and must say that my daughter's images were absolutely fantastic. She has a real eye for it. I found it hard knowing that her's were so good - I really had to lift my game!
We had a little slide night here in the garden and were nearly blown away with a gale, so we moved it into the family room- as I was rearranging furniture , the youngest announced- "Gee I am glad that we cleaned up!" Yeah right, thanks for that!
But the truth was that we had been in a hell of a mess after the removalists delivered furniture from my inlaw's house on Tuesday and I had spent the whole week clearing out cupboards and rearranging things to fit a lot of it in this home. A fair bit of excess and other household bits are in storage in a shipping container in the paddock near the shed. I had a massive, massive week decluttering and so did the kids clearing out their rooms too. But it is done now and I can relax for the next few weeks of the holidays just faffing about- bringing some of those decorative bits up into the house. And of course there's a couple of silver polishing days needed.

When the slideshow was over and most people left for the night there was a wild lightning show going on. I had an expert teacher with us and he was out capturing the lightning strikes. So I had a go too. I had a wide angle lens on and I was trying to get my camera to take the shot in bulb mode and it would not fire ( I think I kow now what it was- AF on the lens!). But then I just switched to manual and followed Pete's instructions. 30 second exposure (30"), f13, ISO 400 and lens on manual not Auto focus and it worked!!!

A little person ran in front of the camera with a torch!

I then cropped this one.

Then out came the sparklers and torches and the kids got right into it!!
More on that in the next post.

 Lets just say that I've had to go out teaching the kids the settings on ALL the cameras in the house and light painting every night since!

Get your cameras out and have a go when you see the next thunderstorm coming!


  1. Love all of these photos! Especially the one of the puppies in the grass and the lightening storm. You have some real talent, my dear. Maybe you should think about selling some of your shots!
    xo, A

    1. Thank you Adrienne, that is very kind! I'm trying to learn heaps about this new hobby, going to Pete's workshops, constantly buying ebooks, reading blogs etc. and working on it. I am looking into selling some Rural and other images, like flowers, through a site. How good would it be to be able to fund my next lens through sales??


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