Thursday, 24 January 2013


Our pups have grown so much since they were born in December.
They are so gorgeous.
I think they might be the most calm, quiet pups I have ever come across.

As they always have been.

At one day old they were not quite one child's handful.

They just got fatter and fatter.

A teddy bear??

First real feed of puppy porridge.
They walked and slipped and slid in it! It went everywhere.
Then came the teeth and mouthing us all the time.
This guy is "blowing" his puppy fur- starting on the top of his head! 
Thank goodness we have had these pups as both our German shepherds passed away recently.
We've bought a new big bloke who seems to be fitting in really well with the pack!
I am so grateful to still be on holidays to settle him in with the gang.

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