Friday, 1 March 2013

Where the pelicans nest.

I found these guys on a dam close to home the other day.
Nesting I suspect, but then I must have worried them and they flew away.

They'll be back.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with getting back into the swing of work these last 4 weeks.
Plus delivering puppies!!!
 They have flown all over the country- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.
We have a new German Shepherd Puppy from my brother(only 3 days older than the cairns), 

and an older Trained German Shepherd from the Guard dog training centre in Sydney. 
I think he may need a bit more of a touch up in the training! 
He's gone a bit feral since moving in here! 
But he certainly loves us. 
Last night we didn't get home until after dark and he literally cried and licked us all over with so much excitement that we were home. Real love.

Has anyone else been absolutely bombarded with spam comments on their blogs- I have had 10 today- with get this.... how to make your house safer in south africa- seriously!!
So I have had to change the commenting to google users only- I wasn't sure about the registered users choice. I shall see how that goes.


  1. Hey Jodie, love the top photo of the pelicans. Sounds as though we've both been 'enjoying' puppies over the holiday period. I've been having similar issues with spam, I've always had comment moderation enabled on posts older than two days, which has meant I can delete the spam before it hits the public domain. But I've even become sick of that, so have also turned off comments from anonymous commentors, which I didn't want to have to do, but felt I had to. Hope the rest of the school term runs smoothly.

    1. I've always had cimment moderation too. Every comment gets moderated. But now commenters have to have a google. Hhhmn.


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