Monday, 22 July 2013

It's been a while. yet again

It's been such a long while since I have had a post up here. 

 I seem to have found a bit of a blogging voice again, along with painting my fingernails- that has been a long time coming as well. I have some new shatter polish that I have painted onto feature nails- my ring fingers, I haven't ever been a fan of the shatter polish, but I think I like this.

 I was a bit consumed by work there for a while. Being the girls' supervisor I was organising a Girls' Savvy day. It was a bit like an all day party for 150 teenage girls. Imagine it!

 It's taken me a while to recover! 

I organised some personal care talks and a few activities for the girls based around the party theme as they are at an age where they are called upon to help out with siblings and other children relative's parties so we ended the day with a round of party games. 

The activities included: 
cupcake decorating (for which I made 400 cupcakes from a 10 Kg packet mix and was ever so grateful to my sister who brought up sugar decorations from Sydney!), 
how to sew a button on- and making a piece of art from it and I will make them into wall hangings for our Library, 
and a bit of jewellery making- beaded bracelets on elastic for ease. 

I was so busy running around that I almost didn't remember to get the camera out. 

Here are some shots from the day.

They had such a wonderful day- or so they tell me! 

Kids are so clever aren't they?


  1. Oh how lovely are those cupcakes..they look delicious and the buttons has given me a great idea! Beautiful!

    1. Oh Trudy the girls were so happy to do this. They had a great time and still talk about it, the decorating was excellent. I am really thrilled with how well the day went.


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