Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I'm still here!

We had some rainfall this week, not as much as the near flood rainfall of January. 
Of course it has been after I've thoroughly saturated everything since spreading 10 bags of fertilizer!

This old guy is on the mend after almost losing him 2 weeks ago. He has a bacteria in his sinuses that can block him all up and overwhelm his system and this time he just couldn't breath, nor eat, nor drink. It was so close!

Has anyone noticed these animations in their google plus photo accounts??
I have mine set for automatic backup and it picks bursts of 5 or more shots- when I am shooting in continuous mode I shoot heaps!

We are all gearing up for the next round of whipcracking championships.

I think they are fantastic!!

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  1. Hi there - I came your way after your comment on BB's site - our girls are exactly the same age! Love the animated gifs - very cool!!


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