Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty

This last week my little baby turned 9 years old.
He's been such a delightful little kid who always melts our hearts.
My mum always called him her little angel.
He would spend hours and hours snuggling with her while she battled her Cancer.
He was only 2 and a half when she passed away and he was the most patient snuggler I've ever seen.

When on holidays one year he took out all the kitchen utensils and pretended he was a plumber.
Having never ever seen anyone attending to plumbing before.

He is always into the wildest play that is going on.

and is always ready with a smile.

He can't stand long hair anymore, but I really miss it.

Our boy is no shrinking violet.

And works super hard at his Paparazzi skills.

Not frightened in the fashion stakes.

And will wear whatever will keep him warm.

I find myself regularly dragging him away from all sorts of mischief.

This Murray Cod was almost as big as him.
He had no fear in trying to hold it up.
(We did release this old man cod back into the very low river, which dried up about a month later in the drought. He was not found dead thank goodness. He was probably about 50 years old!)
His love for animals is huge and he will spend hours and hours with them.

Forever cheeky.

And a fabulous scrambled egg cook! (usually consumed with BBQ sauce)

You are the reason we are into whipcracking.
After a hard night partying with a few mates for your birthday.

Then by lunchtime, caput

I hope your mates at school enjoyed the brownie tower that you had to have.

Happy Birthday Champ.


  1. Happy 9th Birthday to your darling boy!

    He is so handsome - I love his blonde hair and big brown eyes. Who has the big brown eyes in the family? All of your kids have them...is it you or dad?

    Have a fun day celebrating! xo

  2. Oh congratulations to your son. He sounds like such a sweet little man. You must be very proud. x

  3. Just gorgeous photos. Happy Birthday to your 'baby'. I'm sure he would have served as a beautiful distraction to your mum.

  4. Adrienne, beforei had kids I thought that all I ever wanted was a blue eyed, blonde haired baby, but then I grew up and I found hubby and then, who cares they are just healthy. We both have brown eyes and my little fella is the only blonde in the family apart from some cousins of mine. I dare say that his hair will get darker as he gets older.

  5. Hi Fiona, mum was distracted the first time from her cancer and operations, with my newborn daughter (we didnt return home after she was born until she was almost 2 months old!) and then the second and final fight with this squirt. Having the kids around meant the world to her. Lots and lots of drives to sydney it was for me and itty bitty came on his own quite a few times as he wasn't at school yet.

  6. Love love love this post - what a fabulous little guy - SP


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