Wednesday, 2 November 2011

And then the ears pricked!

Sweet baby Gsd
has pricky ears.
I don't have to get her to look up at me to see them up.
They cross over,
and look big like bunny ears.

She is sleeping in her crate.
3 nights now.

Each night is less and less whinging
only 2 mins last night.
and only gentle whimpering.
No more screaming,
thank god.

She sleeps very quietly.
Her crate is right outside our bedroom window.
So she had better keep up the good work!

The second flush of Mary Roses are coming!
And there are baby lemons on the Eurekas.

How many mandarins can a little tree carry?
The Agapanthus are just starting to burst, it seems too early!

The star jasmine is pretty special.
I thought it would die last year when it was pruned with a chainsaw.
A snake got away from me in that liriope on Sunday.
How I will never know, I cannot work it out.
Bad season coming, we had 3 snakes in 2 days.
Still it doesn't beat one night last year when I went out at night and there were 2 at different places on the lawn!


  1. Gorgeous pup.
    My aggies are blooming also, and snakes! I've seen more snakes in the last month than the last 3 years. What's going on?

  2. The snakes are horrendous. I think as there was a good season with all the rain last year they have doubled up. A woman was killed in Warwick yesterday. When I was mowing the paddock around the house the other day I spotted a snake skin and then a mouse was running away from me, so there's plenty around and no shortage of food for them either.

  3. Your star jasmine is beautiful. We have 10 planted on a bank near the sjw house as a ground cover but are less than a year old. I can't wait for them to look like that! gxo

  4. Hi Georgie, This one is on a trllis on an enclosed veranda, it constantly creeps through the flyscreen, but it is beautiful and cooling- it faces the north. There are only 3 plants there and the one closest I trained to go all the way around the front, about the same length as can be seen here! I've planted one as a ground cover this year, I hope it goes crazy like this one too.


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