Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crafty kids


  1. My kids used to make these when they were little. Tori went crazy over the plastic lanyard version and had them up and down both arms for a while. We were getting a little concerned that she would cover herself in them eventually....then the trend faded and the bracelets came off.

    You seem like such a fun and involved mom...your kids are so lucky!

    Happy New Year! It's almost here :)


  2. OOh I hope she doesn't get that keen. She's made them for the brothers but then has moved on to something new. I'm not that involved in all their 'play' they are pretty wild these kids and I just try to give them, and encourage, plenty of quiet crafting things to do.
    I think though that I will have to sit down with the boys and assist with some leatherworking using all the stamps and cut outs Itty Bitty has received for his birthday and xmas. He's dead set keen on leather.

  3. oh those bracelets are super cool!! i will have to try to make some i love them!! we have a lot of cotton at our place i will get the kids to use some up <3. sounds like your kids are a lot of fun and very up with it!! Xx


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