Tuesday, 27 December 2011

These kids' favourite Christmas dessert

This one was always made by the children's Nanna.
For the last few years Miss MDK has been making it.
They are not interested in puddings or boozy trifle.
Next year I'll do a Pav for Itty Bitty.

We call it Broken Glass.
I think others call it Cut Glass.
It has 3 jellies made with only half the water so the jelly sets really hard.
then one carton of cream whipped with a half a cup of icing sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla,
 then folded in with one cup of pineapple juice with a teaspoon of gelatine, warmed to dissolve the gelatine then cooled so that it will not sour and melt the whipped cream mix.
Mix this in with the cut up jellies, carefully!
Put it in a pretty bowl and into the fridge to set.
The original recipe had it in a biscuit crust like a cheesecake but we just leave that bit out.
Late on Christmas eve they heard some bells and ran outside then took these photos of santa in the sky.

Weren't they clever to get these shots?
Gee he was fast!
He must have come closer,
these photos really made my kids want to get into bed ever so quickly!


  1. What ever created that light in the sky?? How delightful for the children to see that.

    Your jello dessert looks like a child's dream! I would love to be one of your kids. Is it too late? Am I too old?

  2. Ahh Adrienne, Christmas is for the kids and we try to make sure that they have what they want too! You can be an adoptive kid if you like!
    Those pictures were amazing, I have no idea what it was?? It certainly got them into bed quick smart.

  3. lordy that christmas concoction actually set off my gag reflex... totally a child's dream dessert though...


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