Friday, 30 December 2011

Holiday fun

Yesterday, hubby decided that he was going to straighten up some of the fences that had been pushed down in the recent floods. Our cattle have been found out on the road a few times.

And of course, as always, I was dressed for the occasion when he rang to say he had the tractor bogged and he needed me to quickly bring the chain.

So the Landcruiser pulled the little tractor out of its boghole.

Then he lit up the stubble and proceeded to pick up the fence and push it back into place.....
kind of......

All Itty Bitty could say was, "Great now the tractor's going to catch on fire."
But it didn't and the fence is back in place.
With some more sureing up today.


  1. loving these baubles and the lanterns on your table!

  2. We do too! the lanterns are great , small and only taking a tealight candle is fab! I bought bigger ones but they are too big for the table, so are on top of the fireplace. The baubles were from woolies, early in Dec, nice pastels in there.


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