Thursday, 25 October 2012

Canberra- The War Memorial

On the way home from Melbourne, we called in to Canberra.
We spent the morning at the shopping centre, most importantly the Apple store. I really wanted to have a look at any new cases and get some attachments for my new iPhone. None to be found, but I did manage to acquire a new macbook pro, which I am still trying to get my head around and work out how to transfer all my photo files and Itunes across to the new computer, time capsule and external hard drive any hints?

The boys were desperate to get into the Australian War Memorial.
We girls tagged along.
I have done the War memorial quite a few times with school excursions. But we followed a tour guide, who I found incredibly hard to hear!
So I practised some photography!
It's a very beautiful, solemn place.

People place poppies next to the names of relatives who have died an d whose names are on the walls

Our little bloke was up on dad's shoulders reaching up to put ours in.

These stuffed animals were amazing.

I found the statues and art works absolutely magnificent.

I got a bit lost and Daughter and I found the section way down the bottom on the African and Boer war. It was an area I had never done before and was truly interesting, I guess being so very old.
It was fantastic, especially these 112 year old chocolates given to the soldiers by the queen for new Year's Eve in 1900. YUM!

It was a hard job getting all 3 of these peeps to stand still and not push and shove and giggle and squirm, in order to take their photo with Parliament house in the background.

That little one thinks it is really good fun to pull the weirdest faces!
I have one from in Melbourne that would have been divine for the papers but he is unrecognisable with the funny face.

I hope our Oak trees are this magnificent one day. Hubby laughed at me and said I wonder if they will let us out of the old age nursing home to go and visit it. Hhmn.
I read yesterday that they are incredibly fire resistant. No wonder husband lighting up the fire drum next to ours doesn't hurt it.

Another funny stiff soldier face from the wee one!

It was a pretty good afternoon checking it all out, the 2 youngest kids can now say they have seen it.

It was especially nice to go home to this house which was practically brand new.
The owners of the motel we tried to get a room in had built it for themselves and hadn't got around to moving in to it yet.

The kids were under strict instructions, to not have any shoes on inside, all the bags were put into the front lounge room, so they didn't get dragged through the house. And all tea, coffee and biccies were consumed out the back in the BBQ area.
Not my style to live in, I am a much more eclectic, cluttered up antique sort of gal but it was seriously great digs and more economical than 2 motel rooms.


  1. Love your pics of the war memorial - the poppies pic is very moving. L xx

  2. It was amazing to see so many poppies. Obviously family make the trek to place them in. Even those people from WW1 are not forgotten.

  3. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award - take a look

  4. Thanks, but I will decline this one Margaret, I did one not so long ago

    1. I've changed my mind, these questions are very different! I'd like to do it!


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