Sunday, 14 October 2012

Whipcracking trip

It's more than a week since we returned home from our whipcracking trip and I am still not on top of things around here. 
I have also been back at work which makes a huge difference to how much one can achieve.
Not to mention the combination of all that with the start of daylight savings!

Off we went on the first Wednesday of the Holidays to Deniliquin in South west New South Wales which is where the NSW titles are held.
We stopped at Narrabri to get new tyres for the trailer as the ones on there were falling apart. Hhmn this was a sign of things to come.

We stopped at the BCF in Dubbo to get some additional camping supplies.
As we were driving to find accommodation for the night we passed a Trophy shop. I spoke up and said where are the trophies? which apparently we were meant to take along with us, as well as our daughter's one.
Shock wave hit! Stunned silence except for one person going berserk! That was not me!

I volunteered to retrieve them. So back home I drove to collect the boxes, which ALL 5 of us had walked past several times. A 4.5 hours drive at 6 pm at night. I had great little co pilot with me who kept up the girlie music and such. We needed to be back by 6.30am in the morning in order to get to Deni by lunchtime- to get in to set up the campsite. So an early start at 2.30 am back to Dubbo for us. This didn't leave much time at home. Plus about an hour after we had got to sleep, we had a prank caller. NICE! Thanks for that! 
I have never been so happy to hand over the keys to someone else to drive in all my life before!
Finally we got there!
Set up camp.

It was a bit windy and I took this photo when I sat in the car to eat.

But then on the Friday morning we were hit with 132km/hr winds. I was hanging on to a friend's campertrailer awning and thought I was going to do a Dorothy spinning up in to the air to the land of OZ.
These were our tents at the end of it all. Luckily we had swags to sleep out in the open if they were too ruined.
We know it got that high as the Police raised their helicopter and turned it at 100Km/hr as at that strength it could have rolled over the way it was facing. They recorded the gusts to get to 132.

The one on the left got all rolled up in a ball at the end and shoved in a big skip there.

Despite all that the kids had a great time.

About 2 seconds after this photo was taken that balloon hat was blown off his head and went pop, pop popping into the people across the road's site!

The roulettes were there again too.

 On the Friday afternoon, Our eldest son had a go in the Novice section.

Which he won, meaning no more entering into novice sections again. 

He circled back around the next day for a go in the Junior section.
He enjoys having a go. 

This cheeky little fella loves getting out in front of a crowd.
He is just like his father in that regard, a real showman!

He competed against his sister in the Juvenile category and had a go at the Bullock whip- which is open to all ages!

Was spoted and photographed with his mate for a Melbourne newspaper- The age.
I didn't see it.

He just loves it and is really involved wanting to help the organisers whenever he can.

And keeps a mean eye on the competition!

We had the circlework paddock right next to us! 
And the wind blew the dust all over us.

She couldn't help but laugh at the windy, dusty conditions.

Snapped off a few cups in the accuracy!

And tried her hand in the Bullock whip too.

Plus some judging of the Pee Wees (8 and under).

And had a heap of fun catching up with the mates from Victoria and South Australia.

Plus she won her age group and her little brother ran second!

Then we travelled on to the Melbourne Show for the Victorian Titles the following Tuesday!

Where I spent hours and hours cleaning myself and my camera!

Scary eh????


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