Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Melbourne - Victorian titles

After we'd finished at the dusty, noisy Deni Ute Muster, we went on to Melbourne.
Husband had lost his phone on the Saturday night at 1.30am in the Ute paddock and we went through a bit of a challenge having the phone cancelled on the sunday morning.
Just seconds after he had hung up from the Telstra manager who blocked the phone, we received a message on facebook from a friend who had rung hubby's number to find out how the kiddos had gone and he had got a very nice fellow who said that he had the phone and we should give him a call.
We did and found out that he was just a short half hour from where we were dropping off our trailer, rather than take it in to Melbourne town!
So we collected the phone and gave the nice chap a little thankyou present and moseyed on to Melbourne.
I was looking for the first available motel!
We stayed at a very nice motel near the Airport- upgraded due to needing 2 rooms for 3 nights.
Husband did his washing as he ran out of undies and socks( as he always does!!!) 
I don't think he knows how to count days in order to pack enough!

Then he got all scratchy on the Monday morning, suffering phonecall withdrawals, and had to get another Sim card for his phone ASAP. Hhhmn the search was on!
First stop the RM Williams outlet shop. Then we were told that the Highpoint shopping centre had a Telstra shop. So we made the trek! 
As desperate as I was to get to an Apple store, I did not want to go to another shopping centre so we spent the remainder of the day there poking about.

On the Tuesday we had the competition at the Melbourne show.
We had no dramas getting parking and compared Melbourne's show to a large country town's.

The big guy had a great time competing, It is really stiff competition in that age group.

The little one has this cracking behind the back down pat!

Check out the great advertisement for Wrangler jeans!!

Young Miss broke the fall clean off the whip in the accuracy component.

It was another pretty successful trip with Daughter taking home the Victorian Juvenile Title again and The youngest running second. 

From now on they are in different age categories and hopefully the little one will have some wins again.

Next Competition is in Glen Innes in early November. 

On the way home from Melbourne we called in at Canberra.


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