Saturday, 27 April 2013

A new Photography trick I've learned.

I read a tutorial on double exposures done in camera with the 5Dmk3. 
The article can be found here
I thought it looked so cool, so I had a go at it.
The kids thought I was mad.

First I took a couple of shots that were meant to be silhouette photos.
I think it worked well leaving some detail in the photo.

Then following the steps in the tutorial I went outside and clicked at some other plants.
Missy was not impressed to be a gum tree!

The pink roses were out of focus.

The reds were a bit better. 

But the books and DVDs were the best!

Photos were great too.

When the little fella got home he had to have a go as well.

Mulberry tree.

Gum tree.

Gumnut head!

Quite an interesting, fun thing to do!

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