Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Show weekend wrap up

This past weekend it was our local show. 
I was approached to take photos as I walked through the gate.  
Not quite sure for exactly what purpose- a magazine perhaps?
Luckily I had my camera to take photos of my own children in their Whipcracking demos.
Still, I wasn't really in the mindset on day 1 and missed heaps of opportunities to capture images as I was organising our kids and still recovering from a stomach flu the day before. I was very relieved to hear that there were a few of us put on the job!
I think I managed some artful ones on day 2!

A competition Wyandotte. with some editing and a texture added.

A Bully Boy's snout!

A Tawny frogmouth or mopoke, in the Farmyard Nursery

Hens and chickies in the Nursery.

Competition Fowl.


Yard dog trials. 
I can't believe that I didn't get any photos of the dogs working, as I said I didn't really have my head around it. Next year I have a plan to get a group together to take photos and we pool them and make a fundraising book! I will write a list of things to be sure to capture!!

Woodchopping competitions. They travel from great distances to have a go here!

Whipcracking Demos and a competition run by my kiddos.

The farmers challenge, to see which group of 'farmers can complete a set of tasks first. My little guy had to show some of them how to start the Quad bikes ;)

A Demolition Derby, with the lovely firies at the ready to put out fires. We really appreciate them making themselves available to assist, otherwise this event couldn't go on. Unfortunately one 'contestant' didn't abide by the rules and stop when the fire truck lights came on- and put these guys in danger when they were trying to put out a fire in a car with a driver in it right at the end. He was the winner but was disqualified.

I think we have THE best fireworks around, they go on for a full 10 minutes and are absolutely sensational! I am so pleased -I managed to get these in fully manual settings!!

Ah! Now a  year to plan for the next one!
xx, j


  1. Amazing captures. The chooks sure look all pretty.

    1. Thanks Zara, when I asked to get a shot of the winners in the chook section, the men all lined up, I laughed and said I wanted to get the birds. They were very obliging and got them out of the cages for me. One tried to fly away, hahaha! Luckily the bloke caught him!


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