Friday, 8 July 2011

Give a boy a camera

The other day, after mustering, while we were looking through the cows and calves in the yards, the 2 boys asked if they could go for a potter around on the Quads.
To make me happy, they said,"we'll take photos for you!!!"
Here's what I found on the camera.
Cattle fattening on the oats. I like the colour of the purdy creamy ones.

More cattle fattening on oats.

Artsy windmill shot.

a full dam.

We put 3 yabbies in this dam last year. they were the only survivors out of 200 in a charity yabbie race. I hope they are breeding up, that's if there was boys and girls.

these ducks have probably eaten them!!

artsy shot of a toppy.

and the neighbours sheep!!

This looks like full throttle to me!

I don't think there was too much pottering around going on!!!


  1. Hey, they're not too shabby with the camera! Very impressive - SP

  2. The big fella who had the camera is quite artsy and has won a couple of art awards at school, so must have the touch!!


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