Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Weekend capers

We did a bit of renovating in the paddocks over the weekend.
This involved the big guns.
This little old John Deere was a great buy 15 years ago.
It's been very good to us!

We needed the tractor to move these cat tyres.

This one had a twist and MR MDK drove in circles trying to get it to untwist.
Eventually we did it by hand.

The aim was to get them alongside the water trough so the cattle wouldn't move all the soil away from the bottom and perhaps expose, then break the water pipe feeding it.

first side is in place

Then the second and a bit of fine manouvering to line it up close to the trough. I thought it should be really close so that no hooves would get stuck!

Ta Da! very nicely done!

We had an audience! they are very inquisitive

 Hello beauty, you are doing well on these oats.
The boys had a close up look at the steers. We were waiting for the yelp when they might touch the electric fence- they were too smart for that.

A bit of rain would be great please.
Then we took the tractor to the yards. 
We've got some more tracks to lay up the race and in the crush.
Apparently they are easier on the cattle's feet.
When we got home, miss MDK got her artsy on--



drip, (this one is my fave)



I think she missed the cue with this one

and this one!!!! eewwww!

let's see it again

nice eh!!

I have a car  full of garbage bags- the product of my decluttering, boot and back seat. More to do tomorrow!
Right now I am watching Joan Rivers on Movie One.
I think she's great, though a bit too crude at times. Learning heaps about her. Recently I've been watching her in How'd you get so rich and have liked that.
Just watched her signing checks for her employees' children's private school education.
I like her opulent house, I see no clutter there!!


  1. loving the drip drop photos - we spent the weekend in Sydney, your weekend looked 100% better than ours - I think the best view of Sydney is in the rear view mirror! - SP

  2. daughter got the drip drop piccies, she has the patience, me....not so much. I too loove sydney but also loove to leave it behind!!


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