Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back at work

We've been back at school for a few days now and we've only missed the bus once!! Due to lost shoes, they were not where they were meant to be placed ready for the next day.
I have spent my lunch breaks running about town delivering bags of decluttering to the big charity bins. We have several different ones and I have spread the joy between them all. Last Thursday the boot and back seat of the car were so chocka block full that I felt really bad when we had to go into town and Miss MDK had to squeeze in with her face against the window......not really, we took some out so that she was safe, but if I hadn't that would have been the picture!!!!
I've still got tonnes to do!!
I have some takers at work for the knitting wools in the shipping container that I want to cull. I was going to take it to the local library where a knitted squares program is run, this suits me better.
If I live to be 300 years old I won't be able to get through knitiing or crocheting it all!!

Ford the poddy Calf is doing well
as you can see he is well protected from this cold weather.
Sometimes he gets his very large dog coat off.

Itty Bitty MDK has pretty much made it his responsibility to mix up the milk and feed him.
He does like some company down at night in the dark.

I think he might looove ford.

On the weekend Mr MDK and Big Boy MDK went plane galavanting.
Big Boy MDK got his students plane license last week and then got to ride in several different planes in a few days.

This Glider was pretty special.

He had a pretty good time in the passenger seats.

We had a fair bit of action here tonight.

This little Cairn terrorist

Yes this sweet little scruffy dog, caught a feral piglet tonight.
A neighbour drove in and said that he had chased a group of piglets across the road and they had then cut through the corner of our house block when Jake here chased after them.
We went investigating and could hear lots of squealing in the paddock, his sister came running back when we called her but we went into the paddock and started chasing after the eyes we could see glowing.
I stopped and called the kids back thinking that a big pig could turn back and go after them.
When I stopped I could hear a lot of heaving breathing and panting.
I shone the torch around thinking a big pig was going to get me, and then I found this little dog sitting very, very still and he wouldn't look at me. I thought he'd been hurt and we all went to check him, and that's when I saw the piglet which was about the same size as him. He was sitting on it and wouldn't move.
We were able to catch the piglet and dispose of it.
That's one less in the Paddocks.
Who'd have thought I'd bred a new variety of pig dog!!!

This big tough guy had no idea what was going on.

Nice cool, crisp, winter skies around here.


  1. Get those feral pigs - do you think Cairn could attack "Julia" she'd probably fit into the same category!
    Lovin the winter sky, there's something to be said about a country sky........

  2. These little dogs have the hearts of lions, anything is possible!


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