Monday, 4 July 2011

Pony lovin'

Itty Bitty MDK is in looov, with anything horsey and come to mention it anything cattleish too.
 My friend K has 2 children who are in pony club and she has VERY kindly offered to take my Itty Bitty MDK (who's really good mates with her son) with them whenever they do any pony club stuff. We don't have any ponies anymore, and they are happy to share their's with IBMDK.
So a few weeks back we signed him up.
Saturday was spent at a games day at a town 100 km from home.
At these particular games the two boys could share the pony and swap as they went through the course, some events don't allow this.
There were about 10 events they worked through.
Here he is with the pony he rode - Danny. He's proven himself on Saturday to be fairly bombproof. We witnessed one horse before the start get a fright from a plastic bag and bolt away over to where the campdrafters were. Luckily, he had a pretty experienced, strong, young teenager onboard who was able to pull him up and didn't come to any grief. 

there was some weaving between poles

The faster you can get through it all correctly the better.
Like most things, it's all about speed and accuracy!

We just practiced with this one, if you drop the flag when you are putting it in the bag you have to get off the horse and then pick it up, get back on and put it in the bag. At this stage Itty Bitty MDK is being lifted on, so that would have meant K or I would have had to get out there and lift him up.

Great concentration and determination

I think he was getting ready to go at this stage

The poles were on the ground for Itty Bitty MDK with this one, though Danny did a little hop/jump over them anyway.

and he got his first ribbon of the day for this one. placing 4th.

more weaving around the poles

and then we started putting the ribbons on Danny.
We didn't know if he'd like the feeling of them on his neck or not.
He was good with it.

All up Itty Bitty MDK got 2, fourth place ribbons and 1 third.
Pretty Darn good for someone whose only been riding 3 times before this.
He's pretty happy with himself.


  1. Fantastic, glad to see you here in Blogville, wish I could visit the school blog you write! My Izzy is taking riding lessons and is totally addicted, yes she's had a very good look over my shoulder this evening @ your pole racing team - unfortunately the nagging for a horse has begun and with no land, it's agistment ouch! Cheers Sarah

  2. And we thought we'd got away with no pony clubbing. Hahahah. We've always had the ponies but they've been very old, and too quiet to challenge the kids, but very good, and the kids have just ridden for pleasure. I know when I was a young thing it was all I wanted, a horse and the costs etc were not in my thoughts at all. Sadly, It never eventuated. Try to make it happen for your girl if you can. Xx J


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