Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bore Blowing

Last night Mr MDK and Itty Bitty MDK met up with our friend the water advisor and a neighbour to assist to blow out a bore. 
The windmill had been pumping out silt and rubbish.
Apparently there might have been dead frogs, leaves etc etc down the bore.
Which wear out the windmill buckets.
~It just wasn't working as well as it should.
Mr MDK hired a 300 CFM compressor from Coates Hire in town.
They attached it to a long bit of poly pipe and started to blow. 
Itty Bitty took these photos.
It was getting on in  the day so they may be a bit dark.
Most of these sorts of little jobs happen after our day jobs around here.





From a different angle.

Still murky.

They kept blowing it until the water ran fairly clear.
You can see the storm rolling in that caused our power to go out for an hour or so.
Look at how nice and green the grass is all around.

Oh yes I see you in the bottom left corner enjoying a cool beverage!
I can see the 8 year old may have been in charge, keeping an eye on everything!

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