Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cattle loving

This is one of my favourite photos.
It's of my youngest perched up on the catwalk at the saleyards.
They often tag along in their holidays.
My kids love being around cattle.
It may have more to do with being with their father and his love for them
When Mr MDK sent it to me I asked him about the OH and S issues. Of course.

My oldest son took these photos of our cattle the other day.

They are all looking good.

I saw this one as the wallpaper on his Ipad.
Perhaps bullie boy should have a modesty patch!

As I have always said,
my father was an agent,
I've married an agent and
I've probably given birth to agents!!


  1. I want a cow! They are too cute, and so curious!

    By the way, your kitty pictures are adorable!

  2. Loving the photos - cows always look peaceful to me - beautiful big brown eyes and all - not so keen on the bull!


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