Friday, 2 September 2011

Looks like hard work

I had a big box arrive from Treloars roses.
I asked Mr MDK to bring it home from work, it had been delivered to his office.
We don't get courier service to our house.
He laughed at me on the phone,
then said there was no way it would fit in the Landcruiser.
To town I went in the ute.
It was a big box! about 9 foot long!
 I also got a couple of bales of lucerne hay, one for the chooks and one for the poddy calf.

It was really heavy up one end.
I think it might have been tipped up the wrong way during transit.
The very top of the tallest tree was a bit bigger than the bamboo in the box and got a little bit damaged.

Inside were 3 fruit trees and many many roses.

 I have them sitting in my copper boilers that I put my wood in, next to the fire, during winter.
I think it might be too much hard work. I hope they don't die before I get to plant them!

They come with nice little pictured tags as well as the ones attached to their stems, plus an instruction booklet on what to do with the bare rooted plants when you get them.
I didn't read it.
Maybe I should, it's sitting right next to me.
I don't think they'd have changed since last year.

On another note, Mr MDK bought a new gadget.
We needed a petrol hedge trimmer.
 We have a lot of Murraya hedging around our house.
It jammed before he finished.
I asked if he'd read his instructions, he hadn't either, hahahaha.
Talk about peas in a pod!
When all else fails, read the instructions!

My wisteria is about to flower, or leaf up, I think these will be flowers.

The Engish Oak only lost its last leaves 4 weeks ago! The new leaves are now bursting out.

The Eureka lemon has not been put off by those lunatic cockatoos attacking it.
I'm glad it has the spirit of a survivor.

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  1. Wow! That is one exciting package! Thanks for your note..I only lost a couple actually..but the hand watering was a pain..I am smarter these days! I just had some echium arrive today - all the way from Victoria. Bit of an experiment this far north. Enjoy your roses. x


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