Monday, 5 September 2011

What a big, busy weekend

I knew it was going to be big.
It included Father's day,
packing for a week long excursion,
visiting the local markets and heaps of gardening.

I hurriedly organised the father's day present for the hubby. He really missed out for his birthday back in July. He was meant to organise a generator for himself. Hmmmn I don't know why he didn't lol. I had been talking about getting him an Ipad2 for a while. He asked on Tuesday if he could load a flying App onto mine and give it a try. We did that, he gave it a go, and he was immediately sold on the idea.
So first thing Thursday morning (about 9.30)I rang Apple to see how fast they could have it sent.
I spoke with a very nice man in, I think he said, Austin, Texas. He told me that because it was first thing in the morning and I wasn't really chasing the engraving, we had a pretty good chance of getting it delivered before Friday afternoon. I asked him to put a special note for a super fast delivery as it was a present to give over the weekend!!!!
And it was fast, actually it was here before Friday lunchtime. UNBELIEVABLE.

And because he was flying on Saturday to a bull sale in Roma, Qld, I made a phone call to the eldest son at boarding school and they all concurred that he should have it on Friday night. So he unwrapped it, I put the Sim card in, which I had been able to get from  get this, the POST OFFICE!! (I had made phone calls and plans to have one sent from hundreds of kilometres away).
We synced it.
One happy daddy!!
While he was at the Bull sale, Itty Bitty MDK and I did some serious weeding, rose planting and mulching and then I tried to knock myself out by walking into the Lindsell hoist on the back of the ute.
I have a very big bruise on my noggin, lucky I didn't knock my teeth out.

They look like sticks poking up, I hope they bush up well!!
I have decided that I am sick of mulching such a large area every year.
(Last year the pony ate the lucerne hay I had mulched with!)
So I am looking to underplant the rose garden with ground covers, society garlic, erigeron, butterfly bush and whatever else (that a snake can't hide in) will fill it up!
This is what I picked up at the markets on Sunday.

The doggies have been hanging out with me in the garden. One in particular, Jaller, is always loyally by my side.
I picked up about 30 new plants. Most are for other garden beds.
This afternoon I have dug up and replanted some clumps of liriope around the edges of the rose garden, there were already some, but a few had died, and I took out some barely there old railway sleepers( just quietly I loathe them, they encourage termites and I always reckon that snakes can get in them in a crevace or a hollow bit under them. Plus over time they just look so ratty and nasty)
Last thing Sunday after a long, long lunch, we did this.

Thank goodness.
 I was starting to be a bit worried that my new Peach, Apricot and Nectarine trees were not going to get in the ground.
I hope they will be very happy here in the garden.
We bulldozed the 40+ tree orchard last year.
It was quite separate and out in the paddock, most of the trees had really suffered in the long drought despite watering and many had borers.
 I was always too terrified of the snakes to regularly go and look for fruit and no one really kept the grass mown down, due to the pony( now gone ) needing a feed.
We decided that it would be better to have them in closer in the back part of the garden where we can tend to them better. There are still a couple of quinces and fig trees out there, we shall see how they go.

I had forgotten how this gardening caper is a time consuming hobby, so the inside of the house looks like a bombs gone off and needs some hard core work!
And my best organiser/declutterer is on an excursion ALL week. boo hoo!


  1. I'm very envious of your roses. I had some lovely big boxes arrive from Treloar Roses a couple of years ago. After much back-breaking work I had over 100 roses planted, only to discover they couldn't handle our bore water at all. I have about ten left! An expensive lesson.
    Will enjoy looking at yours instead.

  2. Oh no! how sad, we have pretty good bore water. But over the years i have lost so many to ROUNDUP. Hubby is not a rose fan!

  3. Hey, Do you have a post hole digger? What an incredible amount of work you did over the weekend! Back breaking actually. The garden will look fabulous. You've inspired me to get into my little pocket this afternoon! Do you know if it's a an old wives tale that kitchen cooking oil kills onion weed? SP

  4. Sarah the soil was butter soft, We have mostly clay subsoil and its got a good composty top in that garden. I then lay newspaper before the mulch and for the last couple of years it has broken things down really well. I'd be really worried about the oil staying in the soil and affecting anything else from growing. I know that's what happens when tractors drop their oil in the paddock. I sometimes put old whippersnipper fuel on weeds up the driveway, where I don't want anything else to grow either.

  5. That mulch warms my heart. I wish I had sun and could grow stuff light fruit trees. Hope the roses go well xx

  6. They should go really well there, as long as hubby doesn't try to help with the weeding with his round up. Last year they were going so well and then he sprayed some weeds and half turned up their heels and died! if I keep up the mulch it won't be a worry! so I have moved to the sugar cane, I 've only ever used it in the vegie garden but am giving it a go here now, I find it so manageable, big bales of hay just seem to bust me.

  7. Well I am not much of a gardener (while being very impressed with the efforts here!) but I AM totally knocked out by the ipad organisation... it has me thinking... hmmmmm.

  8. I just looove mine and He hasn't put his down since he got it. Having the wifi and 3G one with a SIM card, the flying/flight apps are his attraction for when he's buzzing around the traps in the flying lawnmower, lol- not really, its a jabiru.

  9. oh i wish i had an orchard. i live across the street from a huge citrus orchard but it's not mine. gardening is a lot of work, i agree!


  10. You have been very productive! Can't wait to see some flowers soon!


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