Monday, 31 October 2011

Release the crackin' poddy!

On Saturday we took the poddy calf to the cow and calf paddock.
We thought that the steers may have given him a bit of a hard time if he had gone in the oats paddock with them.
 So we loaded him into the covered trailer, which we had used for camping just a few weeks earlier.

 With some of his lucerne hay.

 We got him off the trailer and loosened his collar in case he got away from us.

 Then led him to the most important bit ~the water trough!

 And removed the collar.

 And he had a big, Big drink. 

 Then he had a bit of a look around.

 Turned and ran!
not an inkling of wanting to hang with us!

 and started chomping.

 And wouldn't let Itty Bitty near him.

After 4 bags of milk and about 5 bags of calf rearer pellets and same of lucerne hay,
 he is paddock trained!

 The next day we went and checked on him again.
Just to be sure he wasn't stranded somewhere , or stuck in the dam.
Itty Bitty spotted him first in the middle of the poisoned box thorns!
which is on the other side of the dam.
He's buddied up with some other calves.
He started his usual screaming at us.
And we drove away!
Harsh! I know!

He's made some new friends,
 with the possibility of sneaking some sucks of milk from some big udders every now and then!!


  1. they all grow up and leave home sooner or later!

  2. hahahaha, this one I was glad to release, he drank SOOOOOO much milk! most people only do 1-2 bags as my hubby told me! not us, we indulged him in the food dept!

  3. I do love cows but I would've kept him as a pet, I'm sure! Wouldn't have made a good farmers wife, either! SP

  4. Oh sarah, I would have kept if it was a girl, but alas he was a boy and was starting to get just a bit too head strong and boisterous for my liking, I could see a broken arm or worse coming. Better now to cut the tie, I don't know just what we will eventually do with him.

  5. Sorry neil, I have not published your comment as yes, you have the wrong blog, I can not give any help on how to build a shed and I do not think anyone has ever made that sort of comment here.


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