Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My view -right now

I've noticed the sun has moved further south whoops!! NORTH!! DAH on the horizon,
Autumn/Winter is on its way.
We don't really get more than a few weeks of autumn or spring, so winter is on its way!


  1. What a gorgeous shot. Is it still warm?
    We are having lots of rain this week - finally - after such a dry winter.

    Thank you for your great comment on my blog today. I am going to work on responding today and tomorrow... when it comes to this topic, it's going to take awhile! So much to discuss.

    1. I couldn't believe it when I looked out and the sky was all aglow! It also fits into the #marchphotoaday challenge on instagram I am participating in- clouds. It is still a bit warm 31 degrees celcius which about 89F.
      Oh dear I did ramble a bit in my comment, I just re read it! lol. My experience is from a whole different perspective and taught me a lot about preserving relationships and how they can sadly just fall away if not carefully cultured-at any age really!


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