Saturday, 10 March 2012

Week in review

This last week I have been contributing to the March photo a day on Instagram set up by fatmumslim.
It is a lot of good fun and I am able to use lots of the photography apps and filters I have on the phone. I have also been adding to the whatiwore hash tag. It's fun searching all the hash tags and seeing what other people are creating.

These are my Red Phoenix Emporium (link on the right) necklaces that I have matched up to my outfits this week. I wore black and white on both Thursday and Friday! Most of my wardrobe is Black so I guess it should dominate.

On Monday I had the fall on the lawn like an old pensioner. No harm was done, though at the time I thought I had broken my ankle. It was fine.
Later that night I found the bruise. Well I have photographed it in a ghoulish manner all week. Then I have used some of my apps and made it look horrendous. I won't share those here, only frightening my kids with them.

I have been slathering it with this arnica cream and hirudoid cream all week.

I am really happy with how quickly the hard lump inside has gone and how the bruise is dissipating. I do not want a calcified lump in there. I can't stand touching behind my knees so this has been really weird to massage it and rub the creams in. It's on the inside of my thigh just above the knee.
I worked out that the lines in it on the second day were from the creases in my pj pants while I slept in the night. Laying with it on the down side I think the blood in the bruise settled on he surface of the skin. Makes sense to me!

Well I will share one doctored photo......


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