Monday, 5 March 2012


I am feeling so old.
I had a fall today.
In a soft and squishy patch of buffalo grass.
I was looking for my 2 young dogs.
Wandering the paddocks, thinking they had been bitten while trying to kill snakes in the night.
It's the one night all summer where I had forgotten to lock them up.
The pup was still in the house yard.
Then my husband sang out and said the neighbours had telephoned to say they were at their house.
(scarfing their dog's food!)
So I headed back to the house to get ready for work.
I trod in a hole that had nice long grass growing over the bayonet point for the sprinklers.
Down I went with a yelp, I actually think I may have done almost a somersault.
Husband came running and I was crying and asking if my ankle was broken.
It wasn't.
It is actually quite good only hurting when I try to roll it around.
Then tonight when I took off my ambra leggings
(compression and very good!)
and then sat down after cooking dinner- putting the sore left ankle up.
I found this.
Not hurting but there's a huge lump/haematoma under the skin.

I reckon there will be more of those spider veins come up.
So much for me lowering the deck of the treadmill yesterday after a few years in silence.
I cleaned the dust off it too.
It will have to wait until the ankle is feeling not so pinchy and sprained.
This is the 4th time I have fallen in a hole in the garden and hurt my ankle, and it is the one that's hurt the most.
You would think we would learn and put something over the holes hey!
Hmmn I do , but someone has moved them.

While I wa splaying taxi driver to the tractor driving husband yesterday, this is what I saw next to the track on which I was driving.
The one on the stump in the background caught my eye first!
Did you spot him before I told you about him?


  1. Oh poor you! Ouch!

    Those lizards are cool. Are they dangerous?

  2. The bruise is another pretty colour this morning!
    The lizards are cute and no they aren't dangerous. none are really venemous here, only the huge Goanna can shred you with it's claws when it tries to climb you like a tree, so you lay down if it comes at you and they have a nasty bacteria in their mouth that will cause damage in a bite.

  3. My husband would just tell me I bruise easily.
    Love the lizards, and no I only noticed the one in the foreground.

    1. I didn't even feel the bruise until I saw it 12 hours later! I so believed I had broken the ankle and I was lucky hubby was still hanging around to help me up.

  4. Oooh that's a nasty one, but at least better than a broken ankle! I love ambra tights too, who knew they had medical properties as well ;) L xx

  5. OMg lovie what a horrible bruise! Hope you are ok.

  6. Oh I feel your pain. I had a similar fall last summer - did a somersault from the lawn right on to our patio (concrete!). My bruise must have gone every colour of the rainbow while it was healing. Yours probably will too. And bruises heal quite easily...lot less trouble than a broken bone. Here's to a quick healing process!!


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