Saturday, 8 September 2012

Week wrap up

This is my first post with the Blogsy app on my iPad.
2weeks ago, We found a wee baby bird in a nest right next to my rose garden.

The week before he had bulgy eyes and no feathers, yesterday he/she had flown the nest


This is what 2 chickens look like that have been left in the weber BBQ for 20 hours.
Nice marinated 40 garlic clove roasted chickens.

I had put them on for dinner at 4.30 in the afternoon, thinking they would be ready at 6.30- 7.00.
When we were leaving to collect dad from town, whose car was in for a service, I lifted the lid and it had gone cold. Great! the gas had run out, so I swapped over the gas bottle from the other BBQ.
I had to find something else for dinner.
Crumbed lamb cutlets to the rescue!
It was at lunchtime the next day and I was sitting at my desk and I was chatting with a co worker about Murri curries, and I thought that's what I will do with the left over chicken.
Ka boom! A bit more than a lightbulb moment!
It was like a bomb going off in my brain.
I remembered that I hadn't actually taken the chickens off the Barbie!
So I drove really quickly home and was astonished to find that the weber was still burning away at about 170 degrees.

2 totally dried out and brick like chooks.
Thank goodness there wasn't a fire.
In other good news, our chickens are laying as if it is the egg Olympics.
One day there were 18 eggs, then 17, then 16 for a couple of days.

Someone on instagram, commented on that's a lot.
I like to share the joy of fresh eggs with people at work.

Of course our wee one made his scrambled eggs!
Here seen smothered in Barbeque sauce.

I have joined in again with the Fox in flats style dare, this week it is to wear something with a flower on/in it.

I don't know why but perching on a certain stool does it for me!

Thursday night saw us eating noodles.
Only as dad was away, he doesn't like them.
But I notice that he has no problems with them as leftovers!

This little fella and his mate keep on visiting me at work, they are getting closer and closer.

I've just been to the nursery and have a fair bit more planting to do!
A few roses, 2 quince trees, 2 fig trees and lots of other punnets and smaller plants.
Up and at Em.


  1. Laughed at your scorched chook story. Love all the RPE necklaces and floral paraphernalia.

    1. We had a good laugh about it at work! Also We thought it would be a great practical joke to take them in for morning tea the next day (as there often is bread rolls and chickens) and see the reaction they would get when someone tried to break it apart. Can't believe it- it was such waste!
      I just love those long RPE necklaces, I have been a fan of the long necklace for a good while now- short ones just annoy me.

  2. Your necklaces are awesome. I think I will go and purchase some similar ones soon! Happy days ahead.


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