Sunday, 2 September 2012

Still Springing!

Yesterday for the first day of Spring the trees were really popping out.
The Big English Oak was really showing off.
Even though it is a bit chilly, the process has started.

sending out it's leaves and flowers all at once. 

Celtis Sinensis is doing the same.

I am keen to see these mulberries fruit right up.
Last year this tree gave me so many 2 inch long fat mulberries!

This Lime sitting in the chookyard is throwing out heaps of flowers and leaves.
I think the chookies may have stripped it a bit bare!

The rosemary all up the driveway is constantly in flower.

I think I need to cut it back.

I am absolutely thrilled to see this Meyer lemon producing babies!
I just can't wait to make something with it. They say Meyers are the sweetest of them all.
I wonder how they rate with Lemonade ones. I have one of them too.

Reminder to self to spray for scale.
This little ground cover can be a bit hit and miss.
I have 8 of them up the driveway and about half of them look to be so dreadful and the other half are fantastic.
I don't know what I've done wrong there!

The doggies are really enjoying all the time we are spending outside!

She was so hard to get to sit still and be photographed!
She's only young and very 'bouncy'.

This little Cairn Terrier fella will sit and pose until the cows come home!
He is quite the show pony!
All I have to do is whisper 'mouse' and I get their attention!

Dont you just love my husband and son's humour.
They found this at the nursery last week and snuck it into position at the back door!

Here is the gold crown I lost on Friday night, while chewing away on a hard cough lolly (sugar free!)
See the hole? They drilled through the crown to do root canal (12 months ago!) and I was meant to go back 6 months ago to get the job finished.
But there hasn't been a good time!
Well I will have to make time now!!!!
It is a teeny bit tender or weird feeling.
Hhhmn a bit gross!

Still, it matches my ring really nicely.
Even though it should never be seen near it!

Have a great week and keep your crowns on your head!


  1. Really lovely photos here Jodie which give me a glimpse of your life.
    Oh crowns, yuk. I had one 'installed' gold of course, about five years ago and am dreading the thought of it dislodging somehow. I can see a trip to the dentist in your future!

    1. Oh yes Annie, Monday is the earliest for a kind of emergency appointment (he's going to finish the job properly). The Dentist is an hour and a half away at Goondiwindi, so I have to take the day off work!

  2. Oh you poor thing re your teeth ... but those garden photos? Just beautiful ... bring on spring x

    1. Thanks, Nikki. It is exciting seeing the garden spring to life! Hopefully he tooth will be well and truly fixed on monday!


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