Thursday, 20 September 2012

Macro Lens

I bought a good Macro Lens last week for my camera.
I tossed over the Wide angle due to the time of year and the fact that the garden is springing to life.
But it's next on the hit list.
After yesterday's bee post I am trying to research what the pollen on the legs is used for- other than pollinating other flowers, so far one source has said that they feed it to the larvae- any bee keepers out there know?
I might have to ask our friend who keeps bees- he will know.
I am learning heaps but it's good fun.
I need a good guide to Macro Photography.
Enjoy some of my first shots!
Warning- Heavy, heavy flower load!

Do you think they are being naughty Ladybirds?


If you enlarge this one you can actually see me, the camera and my messy bookshelf in his eye.

Pierre De Ronsard and complimentary aphids

Unknown bush

Snow pear blossom

Peacharine blossom
baby Nectarine
Fig shooting


rosemary flowers
White Iris

David Austin's Mary Rose

pink thrift

Apricot blossoms

Quince tree shoots

Cheeky kiddo



  1. Replies
    1. tee hee! someone teased me today and said that there are no boy ladybirds- they are all ladies- at first I believed them!

  2. Wow! I love the details you get with that lens. The first photo is my favorite...Ladybug love at work!
    Every time I see photos you have taken with your 5D, it makes me want to cash out my savings account and go buy one! One of these days I'll get my hands on one.

    Hope all is well!
    xo, A

    1. Yes One day! but your savings are probably earmarked for another goal- like a trip with Tori? Once that is achieved then go for it! That's what I do, earmark money for projects, when they are done I set a new project!


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