Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beautiful Bees

Aren't bees the most wonderful creatures?
Where would we bee without them?
Our English Oak tree is in full flower at the moment and is all abuzz.
I have a new Macro lens and have been having a good play with it.

The bees are really friendly and not looking to bite us at all.

We are still being particularly careful.
I am slightly allergic to their stings, requiring ventolin to breath easier.
It's nothing too serious like many others.
I remember once hearing a buzzing sound in a classroom while I was teaching a highly allergic student. The look of fear in his eyes is something I will never forget! But it was Ok it was only a blowfly.

The Macro has picked up the details of the bees pretty well.
I just need to learn how to master it a fair bit better.

Every bee had various sized yellow bulbs of pollen on their legs.

Working constantly flitting from flower to flower.

They are like sacks full of gold.

Bags of gold to be carried back to their queen and hives.

Gorgeous creatures, without which we may starve!

Sensational I think!
Have a great week.
Bee Happy!


  1. Ohhhhh. Lovely lens! Lucky you :-) Good luck with the mastering of it... looking good already.

    Fingers crossed it's a long time til our Aussie bees get hit with some of the exotic pests/diseases that are o.s.

    I'm off to bee happy! Ta.

    1. Oh Emma it was pretty hard- they were moving all over the place, I'll be trying to get more of the shot in focus next time. I hope we never have bee worries! Some idiot will bring some dreadful disease in though. A friend with hives said this summer was particularly bad with a beetle in his hives, probably due to the flood we had.

  2. Hi Jodie - that last photo of the Bee's wings is stunning!! Such detail!! Enjoy playing with your new lens. Jx

    1. Hi Jessica, Thanks, I took heaps of shots and was lucky with quite a few.


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