Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hummingbird cake

Many years ago the girls in my family, mum, sis and myself went into DJs in the city in Sydney. Right down the bottom of the store (I'm not sure which one) is the bookstore. I was chasing a hummingbird cake recipe or a cake recipe that used an oil ( I like to cheat and skip the creaming of butter and sugar). I wanted to buy the book but my mother was determined to save the cash and wrote the recipe out. My sister was so disgusted with us that she ran away and dis associated herself from us until we finished. I was the cockatoo and watched for a sales assistant catching us. Mum wrote it all out and then typed it up and got it to me, this was before the age of Internet which has made it so much easier to find this sort of thing. Wow how things have changed.

Here's all the ingredients. Have I said that I really like using rice bran oil. I won't use canola after hearing (probably a one off) about how the canola was once seen being put into a diesel tanker. Ewwww

Mash the bananas

Then put all the rest of the liquid/ wet ingredients in the bowl.

Place all the dry ingredients in together and give them a whisk, thanks for that sifty trick Martha.

Then dump the dry on top of the wet and beat it up.

I had to use this big bundt. Tried a smaller one but it wouldn't fit.

And then put a cream cheese icing on top.

And then I picked mum's Wedgwood to eat it off. Now that I have rearranged the cupboard and they are all easier to get at. I changed the plate stands so that they are standing up vertically not stacked horizontally!!

And cutie boy made me a cuppa and then took a photo of his good work. I like how he hid his probably grotty fingernails.

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  1. I remember this and mum left out one ingredient - cinnamon. I ended up buying the book because I always felt like this was CHEATing.....
    hope you are using the cinnamon. Can send you the full recipe if you want it, Oh and the DJ's was the Elizabeth Street store - back then there were three DJ's in the city - Elizabeth street, Market street and George street store which is about where the apple store is now!!

  2. I have never made a bundt cake - am inspired and hungry now....


  3. L, I looove bundts as I am a fan of cakes that can get by with just a dusting of icing sugar, and perhaps cream, cream cheese frosting or creme fraiche on the side. The bundt shape has all the character and decoration, and no lining of the tin. BUT sometimes they can stick if I haven't put enough spray in the tin, and the whole cake is ruined!


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