Friday, 7 October 2011

Deni ute muster

On the long weekend we travelled to Deniliquin in southwestern NSW for the state Whipcracking titles. The forecast was for rain. I thought there would just be a bit of a spit or showers.

We travelled past the Conargo hotel, there were lots of utes there who had camped there for a few days waiting for the gates to the ute muster to open on the Friday morning at 6am.

These 2 great sculptures were above the entry ways into the ute muster, they were massive! A longhorn and a ram's head.

We stopped into deni to meet up with other crackers, and grabbed some extra supplies, tinned baked beans and spaghetti and a few more tent pegs.
It was not exactly a gourmet food event.

Deni has the ute stuck up on a pole. I think it has been there for quite a few years! We were allowed in to the family camping site the day before. So in we went.

This is what greeted us on the driveway in. Nice!


OMG! this did not look suitable for setting up a campsite!

Beyond the black tyres fence was the circle work paddock.

It looked pretty rough inside the central area.

This was where our camp was set up and it was still pretty grassy. They had half 44 gallon drums for people to have their fires in. These were spread out all around the campground. There were a few people already set up in the area. In the background you can just make out the line up along the highway of people waiting to get in the grounds. Some people had lined up and camped on the side of the road for days.

All sorts of vehicles came in there were quite a few buses. This one got nicely bogged just outside our campsite.

He got himself in deep and deeper.

Eventually some fellow came along and slid under the bus and hooked him on to his monster truck type ute. He got him out with no worries at all.

Friday saw plenty of circle work.

In plenty of fancy utes.

There were a small selection of eateries and fancy foods. Some gourmet sausages.

The tin man

A ute museum, and a sideshow alley. We went there at night.

The Roulettes put on a display both days. It went for about 15 mins.

There was a huge, strong police presence. Sniffer dogs too.

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  1. Ha Wish I'd been a fly on the wall. Camping and roughing it is just not your thing is it? ... and in those conditions - what a dedicated mother!!!!!!!

    Tassie will at least have been more comfy despite your cold.

    THe kids are amazing, congratulations xox Jude

  2. I hated deni's filthy conditions and will give major feedback on the website. Kids and hubby loved it. Me not at all even 5 star isnt Often good enough for me.


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