Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wet Weather

There's been serious rain here, Oh how we needed it. Luckily I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon mowing when I got home. I even had the torch lighting the way for the last hour or so.
I don't know why it took so long, normally I can get it done in one hour on the ride on. Perhaps Itty Bitty wasted a bit of his mowing time.
Then Mr MDK came home and spread 4 bags of CK 88 fertiliser. He seems to just know when the rain is going to come.
Check it out.
I needn't have worried about any August winds blowing the blossoms away, the rain has washed them off. Look at those puddles from only 29 mm of rain. I guess it is on top of some heavy duty watering the week before last. The kids spent about 2 hours running and skidding in them.
I now have a pile of wet grassy clothes to wash.

It kind of put an end to this business.
They wanted to trial these 2 new tents Mr MDK picked up in Tamworth when he was there yesterday with miss MDK for an Athletics event.
He keeps on asking me if I want to have a go in it!
NOT my cup of tea. Only if I have nowhere else to sleep!!

Happy wet, cosy Weekend everyone.

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  1. Enjoy the wet, I spent the weekend tidying our garden as well. Bushbelles xo


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