Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Construction puzzles

 The first of our constructions this week was a dump and go pudding
from Sarah at abeachcottage.

 So easy.

 And hard to resist for we carb free dieters around here.

 I'm practicing that saying.
'Everytime you say no you are strengthening your will power just like a muscle.'
It's being used on anti -smoking ads around here.
It works for me in saying no to sweet things too.

Miss MDK can now make it with very little help.
Though her little brother wants to be there every step of the way.
He's saying use maple syrup! Use maple syrup!
Which is his favourite, but her's is golden syrup.
And I keep saying use jam! Use jam!
I'm trying to convince her to use smaller quantities and make it in a teacup or small bowl so there are no leftovers to tempt the dieters around here!


The second construction activity was the new BBQ.
We ordered in the Weber 320 Q.
It came all deconstructed and packed tightly into a huge box.

Of course it arrived on the day that the main construction man was going away on an overnight excursion.
So the little man and I utilised his new tools and toolbox to put it all together.


 Then he skipped out as I put the finishing touches on it and  fired it up.
I suprised myself in the speed with which I got it all together, seeing as the instructions had no words just pictures. In the end I couldn't find 2 pieces that were meant to attach the handle.
I figured that they must have built it into another piece because it just was not to be found in that box!
Anyway, nothing melted when I cooked dinner.

It's been non stop rain around here.
Everything is damp or wet.
The growth of lawn, weeds and mushrooms is amazing and extreme.
But then the plants think it is Spring again and do this.


  1. I am impressed! First with you ability to just say no to carbs and second, for putting together a barbecue. Good for you!

    I like that smoking campaign line...I will have to remember that one!

    1. I've got a really good will power, but It's a great line, I keep using/saying it. I am enjoying the effects of low carbs -7kg now! It's now really noticable!

  2. Well done! On both the BBQ (the missing bits made me smile, we bought a bike when we were on hols at the coast, have just put it together to pedals!! and I'm busting to get on it, its one of those pretty coast-like bikes! Lucky its been wet up the road from you too so I cant really get on it anyway!!) and the weight loss. Can I ask you to do a post on what sort of things you are eating whilst on low carb? Interested as I too have a few kilos to dispose of!

    1. Hahahaha, i went back to Mitre 10 today to check out if there really was missing bits. But we determined that they had built in the bits on the handle. They had just put one together and it was the same.

      Weight loss, hmmn I'll post when I am at minus 10Kg. I follow a fairly easy mantra though, no sugary foods or bread, pasta, rice, starchy veggies, (potatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrots) fruit (some berries are ok, but not yet for me) and very limited dairy. Dropping milk is always a huuge deal for me. But eat as much meat, fish, eggs and green veggies and salad as you want. I read labels really carefully and watch out for sneaky carbs in the likes of canned tomatoes, there is a huge difference in the brands with the carb count. (I also look for high percentage of actual tomato!) I only have 1 cup of coffee with a bit of pouring cream in the morning that's it. If I am hunting for something sweet after dinner I have a weak Earl grey tea with a tiny splash of milk. I drink heaps of water, I have a soda stream and make soda water with slices of lemon or lime in it to have with dinner! I don't have any diet drinks as I think it is really important to try to turn the sweet cravings off. I'm still learning new things about it every day. Check out Sugarless, flourles and fabulous in the blogroll, and then check out the links on their blogroll too. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Jodie! I will check that out now, amazing about the tinned tomato's, will have to be more aware of labels. Thanks again :)


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