Thursday, 2 February 2012

Floods- 2nd Feb

Thursday morning we woke up to plenty of water all around.
We are now completely isolated.
But completely dry.

Nothing is stopping these guys from munching out on all the lush new growth. 
Then we got the SMS from the state emergency service to evacuate.
Yeah right through this!

 This is the water view from the driveway in to our house.
The water is roaring through there and sounds like a vehicle on the wet road.
We are not far from town and the water has now spread out to cover almost the whole 5 Km distance.

And through this.

The puppy was a bit naughty and followed us down the road towards the turnoff.
She had a lovely time puddling about, chasing frogs.
This is just rising water, there is no flow to it.
But is a bit too deep for a car to get through.

We had a neighbour arrive for a visit.

And another, who had just finished a mustering job in the JCB.
A good quick little tractor party was had by all.

It will be interesting to see what the flood peak will bring in the morning.

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