Monday, 27 February 2012

Queensland Whipcracking titles 2012

Things have been pretty flat out around here lately, with 2 weekends away(and the resulting laundry and catch up) and the return to work after almost 8 weeks holidays!
The local flooding has left a lot of the people I come in contact with in a sort of state of shock and they have been quite traumatised. Time(and insurance support) will help fix this.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Clifton (just south of Toowoomba) to allow the kids to compete in the 2012 Queensland Whipcracking titles. It was a far cry from the tricks they performed last year.
Last Feb was our first state title competition and where it all really started for our daughter.

Here is her One minute freestyle routine, which is done at the end of her 10 tricks in the competition. During this one they just try to get in as many cracks and degree of difficulty as they can.

Our youngest son is a bit of an older hand at this whipcracking game.
He is 3 years younger and works hard at it!
He has just moved up into his sister's age division and is finding the competition harder. 
Here is his One minute freestyle routine which is at the end of his 10 tricks too.

All 3 children also competed in the Bullock whip part of the competition which is always an amazing display.
The Bullock whip is a really long whip on a long handle. They used to be the whip the bullockies cracked over the heads of bullock teams, the main method of transporting things around this country.
There is s song/ chant that they used to sing at the same time as they walked the teams. We have it somewhere.
I can't get the thing to crack at all!
Our eldest son has done quite well in a few other states in the Bullock whip.
This time there were a lot of men competing in this section, so no place getting.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Daughter G came first in the Juvenile division.
ityy bitty son H came 3rd in the Juvenile Division.
Big son C came 2nd in the novice division.



  1. Oh my - this is amazing - your kids are amazing - and gorgeous to boot! Hope all is ok with back to school and adjusting to that.

    1. My dear mum used to tell me that I could have made millions making and selling babies!
      They are pretty clever, I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.

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    3. Hi Riki, you are really close by in Toowoomba!


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